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Home at last!

You can't imagine the pure excitement we have been feeling all week, also missing Bill (the first time we have really been apart that long). On the way to the airport Anthony kept repeating “oh I am so happy for myself” how awesome it is for kids to be a part of an adoption of a sibling. My feelings were more along the lines of how blessed I am to have this experience in my life. “Thank You Lord for Loving me this much”.
After an hour delay the plane landed. Along with us, was Grandma Moore (my mom) and our nephew David whom flies himself giving us all the ins and outs on landings and airport scheduling. David has worked hard on his Russian to welcome Emily home.
The doors opened from the international terminal and we had our first glimpse riding on top of the luggage cart was our long awaited little one. She looked tired. Anthony ran up to her first and she got a little nervous and pushed him away. She needed a little time to collect her thoughts and adjust to her yet again new surroundings. We all left for home feeling so complete well, except for Bill’s luggage that didn’t quite make it home with him (who cares when it’s on the trip home!)

Her arrival was very different from Gianna’s. She was apprehensive and maybe a little on the crabby side. It was late so all we did was feed her and put her to bed. Then she cried and we put her in our bed, not that it was all that comforting to her yet, but it did keep her from crying and she fell asleep.
The next couple of days were at little more challenging than I expected. Her sleep pattern was out of whack, she kept on waking up at 3 am, wide awake, which would be about the very time she would be waking up from her nap in Arkalyk over the past 4 years. I think the hardest part was watching her grieve for Arkalyk. I never saw that in Gianna but Emily is a lot older. Still it came as a surprise because her personality at the baby house was so daring and very much out going.
A couple of times I found her laying in bed just starring at the walls with a blank look on her face, that’s really heartbreaking to see. When she did cry there wasn’t really any way she accepted any comforting from me.

Home day 6 the best is yet to come

Our Emily is really and truly home now. Today was such a big difference. She was in the pool and I think it was a bit cold for a Kazakh. So she wanted me to take her out and I put her on a chair with a bucket of water to play with and then a miracle. I don’t know why or how, but our Arkalyk Emily emerged. Thank you Jesus. She looked at me with a huge smile happy, content, it was all back. Even that night she slept like a little perfect angel. Since that moment we have our daughter, that we have been praying and waiting for almost 2 years, life is so good!!
The joy of living this out is unimaginable to see her thrive at life’s little moments. The other night she had her two big brothers over, she just ran and played with her usually goofy attitude (for those who have known her in Arkalyk). It was late, way past her bedtime, but she ran around the yard in the dark (probably outside at night for the first time) laughing and chasing her brothers and Gianna, her niece, and her sister in law. (Yes, since she has touched the ground in America, she is now a daughter, sister, aunt, sister-in-law, cousin, actually a 2nd, 3rd and 4th cousin and of course, an American!) Little everyday events for us turn into big time excitement for her. Tonight an was all new high (she loves baseball… SOX Fan) she attended Anthony’s little league game and was thrilled to sit up close, Anthony of course was in his glory, showing her off to his friends. Actually one of his teammates had said he wished he had a sister and Anthony told him to “tell your mom she only cost $30.00” Oh, don’t we wish!!!!!!!
So much yet to come, are we the most fortunate people in the whole world as we get to share their life with both of these precious, Kazakh children and watch in awe at their real life unfolding before our eyes.

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us
by God's very own hands."

--- Kristi Larson
Of course, the "jet-setter" just had to get into her sister's shop for a trim and nails...

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