Thursday June 14, 2007

Okay, I guess I don’t travel as well without my wife, Yes, I admit it! Let’s see, I have so far, left some essentials at home, lost my camera in the restaurant, (recovered at the front desk!) Paid about $80.00 US too much at the market, and the best blunder yet, I put Emily’s name on all of the papers with her middle name as “Grace” which, of course is my daughter Gianna’s middle name! I was supposed to have the exit visa yesterday but, it will now be ready Thursday afternoon. I just can’t believe I did that! All should be fine; our flight is confirmed for Friday morning.

I just wanted to give you a little insight as to a typical day with Emily. First off, she is so beautiful and funny! Her smile lights up a room. She has never once cried or even looked sad. She is so easy going, it is nice. We get along just fine. We play, laugh, walk around town and have been to the children’s “carnival” twice.

We get up in the morning; she lies in her crib until I come to get her without a peep as if she is content there. As soon as she sees me, the smiles begin. She was in the beginning, somewhat quiet in that she most times she wouldn’t start talking for no reason but would answer me if I asked something. Now she is miss “Jabber-Jaw” and rambles on and on when she plays. Her Russian appears is pretty good. The little boy that is here in the hotel with us talks to her all of the time and they are getting to be really close. I am glad they only live 20 minutes from us so they could stay friends. Though lately she has been getting freer in her random Russian speech

After a walk outside before lunch, we head to the room where she plays with the toys I brought and munches on some “Teddy Grahams”. She is beginning the “touching phase” where she has to now turn on the TV, lights and tries for my computer.
We found a nice English pub nearby and I think we will do lunch there today. The first time we were there they gave us a glass of some brown stuff; I tasted it and thought it was beer? It was vinegary tasting though. I asked the waitress and she said something which I could not understand but I did hear “no alcohol” Neither of us cared for it much. The pizza was good though! When we get back from a walk, she will usually take a nap. She doesn’t mind it and seems to look forward to it; she is out like a light in minutes. (Honey, we have a keeper!)

We have been spending time with our American friends at the market, carnival etc and that seems to make the day go by much faster. As far as bonding with her, it couldn’t be better. She is so easy going and easy to entertain as well entertain herself by playing with toys. She loves baths and squirt guns!
As of this above writing, Thursday afternoon has come and gone. We spent the day with our friends, had lunch and went off to see the Church of the Ascension, built in 1909 with NO nails! Marie and I had been there in 2005. From there, heck, the green market was only 6 blocks away! I haven’t walked as much, well, since we were here in 2005! So once again we were bargain shopping. Emily just sits back in her stroller with her legs folded and gazes around. (Watch out Gianna, I see the making of another princess!) She also holds on to her “sippy cup” like it is her life-line! It is hardly ever out of her hands.

We went to the Kazakhstan war memorial on the way to the church and market. It is a Kazakh tradition for brides and grooms to visit there on their wedding day.

We are ready to go home. The bags are packed (almost) it is almost bath time and then, off to bed…

I don’t think I will post again until we are home. The London layover is only 2 hours. We will be home Friday evening!!!

See you all soon…

Bill & Emily
Can you say "princess"?
The famous "Kazakh-Squat" in action
Marie, relax... There is more than 6 feet to the actual edge of the balcony!!!

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