May 15th 2007

Well, we are home, sorry we haven't posted in a while. Things have been moving along here (except the time we are waiting to get Emily back here!) It seems like it is taking forever.

I should hear some news this week from Habiba that she has her passport. Again it is a day-to day waiting game with this stuff. So frustrating. I have been trying to book airline tickets and with this being the busy season, it has not been easy.

I hope to travel in early June to Almaty for about a week and bring our baby home!

I will update while I am there as much as I can.

Talk again soon...


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June 5th, 2007

The plane tickets are bought! Habiba says her passport is "okay"? She doesn't actually have it in hand but she knows I am coming and Zhanna is leaving Friday for Almaty and she hasn't tried to stop me or make me change my dates! That's about the best confirmation I could get at this time!

It seems like it has taken forever to be able to go back for her. I know Marie would go with me in a heartbeat. She told me the other day, she felt how much she missed Emily and then realized that is how much Anthony and Gianna would miss us and she couldn't do that to them again. That's why I love her!

I will post as often as I can. I leave Friday and made plans to return a week later. I may be able to get out sooner if airline seats are available as this is the "high travel" season there and seats are few and far between.


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