We are leaving on the train at 6am Tuesday (U.S. Central time) for our 14+ hour ride to Astana. Yippee! We won’t be able to post tomorrow and maybe not even in Astana but we will try there. We will be in Astana from 8am to 4am Thursday then off to Frankfort. We have heard from Karina who has invited us to stay at her family’s house for the time we are there and even wants her brother to take us to airport, though she is in Moscow, back at school. So we are going to see if we can work that out. Vika will be in charge of us once we get to Astana.

Once again, we are returning home “humbled” and grateful to have a new daughter and for all we have at home. It is going to very hard to leave her here. It feels like we are leaving a part of us. I worry that she will be okay, safe and that the time passes by quickly for her.

We went for our morning visit and to make matters worse Emily’s caregivers had said that she has been crying a lot for us. It’s killing us thinking of leaving her. We played a lot with her today she was in a crazy, goofy, fun loving mood and she has no idea yet that we have to leave. We are going back this afternoon with Habiba so she will be able to explain to her that we will be gone for a while but we will come back to bring her home for good. Bill glued some of our pictures in her locker for her to see. I feel so selfish not staying the for the next 25-30 days with her, but my kids need me back as well. So many parents have gone through this and they and the children make it through okay, so that’s what we are counting on. It’s so redundant to keep complaining but I wish the government of Kazakhstan would understand how ridiculous some of their rules are. They generally really care about the kids but overlook some parts. So I am doing some last minute packing and Bill just walked in from having to go over to say goodbye to Rose. I said to him that was quick (he was only gone about twenty minutes) he said it was long enough to have four shots of Cognac, a couple of perogies and a cucumber salad. He also had two oranges in his hand! We have to post now because it is just before our last visit and we want to stay as long as possible with Emily and then right to the train at 6pm. Keep us in your prayers for our safe travel back home.


Bill & Marie

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