The Lord has answered so many prayers for us lately, and I am sure a few are yet to come. We had court as scheduled. Almira’s birth mom had gone into her village’s court to sign papers as she promised and they were faxed to our Judge on time. The papers stated that she was 21weeks pregnant with her second (third) child and unable to care for Almira and would not seek her in the future. We prayed so hard to hear those words but when they were announced in court, we instantly felt terrible for the birth mother. Marie has several times, tried to express to Habiba and again in court the feelings she has come to have for Gianna’s birth mother. The mother, without ever knowing it, has become a part of our family too. We have both had her in our thoughts many times over the past two years.

The court hearing went pretty easy. I think a lot of it was due to this being our second time in Arkalyk. Of course, again, it was all in Russian and we couldn’t understand a word of it! We did hear the name Gianna, William and the name Louisa (that’s Marie) several times. About all we could understand were names though, we had Habiba behind us translating in our ears every so often. For the record, Kazakh people have a very hard time pronouncing the name Hope. (it’s more like “Hoop”) We had the same prosecutor who was actually very nice and friendly to us. That wasn’t the case two years ago she never smiled once then. After our decision was announced, they all quickly left the court room expect for Habiba, Asim (Almira’s, I mean Emily’s social worker) and Dr. Marina who represented the baby house and Albina. So we hugged and thanked them all for getting us to this day.

Tuma is the little boy that left with Lynne to stay at the flat for thier waiting period. They had their party, said their goodbyes and that was that. We would joke with Emily that Tuma (Milan) went Paka on a “sum ol yaht” (airplane) to America and left it at that.

When we brought Emily to our flat for her birthday, she saw Tuma again and played with him most of the night. While waiting for our court decision, Dr Marina told us that Emily had told all of the children that “Tuma was still here in town and did not go on a “sum ol yaht” Dr Marina said that she said it as if she had broke a hot news story!

After court we came to our flat, of course we stopped for cake and pastries and yes, the toasts began. We laughed we hugged and we just had a good time.
May 7th Gotcha day!

Thank You Jesus

“This is the day the lord has made”

Once again for the Paul family

Introducing the newest member of
our family coming in at number eight...

Emily Hope Camille
My heart overflows with praise for you, God, as I think of the blessing this child is to our family. Guide me in my role as a parent. Make me an instrument of your love. Let me give myself unselfishly so my child might know the joy and security of being loved unconditionally.
Give me the wisdom to help my child discover life's beauty and wonders while nurturing our family's faith in your abiding presence. Amen

Given to Marie from our favorite daughter in-law Dianna
Ahh, for example; my work is finished here!
I shall now relax...
By the way, have you seen our granddaughter lately...
Princess Gabriella Michaelina

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