May 6th 2007

Well baby girl stayed over and slept through the night. She woke us up at 6am. Marie convinced her to lie back down for a while longer then she woke up at 7am. We noticed the look of her realizing she wasn’t at the baby house. This was the first time she was even out of the baby house let alone stay somewhere else all night. We visited with Lynne and Milan for most of the morning. They loved playing together. She was her normal self, smiling all of the time. We had her until 4pm just before, Habiba came over and told her that she was going back to the baby house and we would see her again tomorrow,

We went out to the “machina”, she just loves being in cars. Her eyes light up as she watches out the windows. We thought that she would be okay with going back. As we walked up, the kids were outside and we thought she would be excited to see her friends again. A caregiver came up to her to say hello but she backed off. Just then, I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. We started seeing her “pouty face” and then the tears started. She realized what was happening and didn’t like it.

Marie grabbed her and hugged her, she cried for a couple of minutes then I started to tickle her a bit and she started to get better. Habiba said to just drop her off and come back to the flat. We had planned to stay for the normal visit from 4 to 6 so that she could feel like it was just another day. We knew we couldn’t just leave her and we sat down with her on the steps. The kids started to “swarm around” and that seemed to break up the moment.

We will never know what exactly she was thinking, were we leaving her there for good? Was she supposed to stay with us forever? Did we not want her anymore? I just hope she doesn’t have problems with this at bedtime tonight.

Monday at 2:30 is our court date! We will go at 10am for our normal visit with her first. We are still worried as there is no word from the mother’s town if the paper has been signed yet or at all. It is going to come down to the wire, just like the other couple’s did last week. Habiba doesn’t seem too concerned though, she says “they will do this before 12 o’clock and maybe fax it to the court here” I tried to ask her what happens if this document doesn’t come in time, or at all tomorrow?
That answer was avoided by a sigh and another “don’t worry” (best I could get I guess). Keep us in your prayers.
Yes I am four years old!!!.
Meanwhile, back at the home front, last week, Anthony had a meeting of the “froggy club” at the house to tie-dye t-shirts for “twin day” at school. It turns out that the froggy club consists of himself and his two best friends! It was to be “triplet” day for them! His sister Tina went to a lot of trouble to make this day special for him and we so appreciate the efforts and commitment she has taken on for us. We love you Tina!!!

Paka for now, we will post as soon as we have a decision…


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