May 4, 2007

Same ole, same ole, well just about! We get out of bed like old crippled people. There are two kids of beds here, the Kazakh bed which is tolerable and the Russian bed that is a board with a tiny little padding, well we are staying in a Russian’s family’s home!

The day started off as usual, breakfast at nine o’clock and off to the orphanage to be there by ten. We walked in and I was a little afraid to see that little who looks like Gianna, I thought she would be expecting to spend time with us again though we’d love it, we don’t want it to hurt her feelings. When we opened the door she was fine though we had to laugh, she was dragging her foot as if she had a limp leg while she walked. Talk about getting to us, Bill and I said oh my God, now she has a limp but it was something wrong with her shoe. Of course, bright and sunny Almira comes right out to join us. We played and painted; she really likes painting and so does Katya the crazy bird! Lynne had given her a giant sticker book that kept her entertained for a long time, she’s a sticker freak. While we were in the music room they brought in the one and two year olds group, they are so cute. Just about all of them were chewing on balloons. They always have balloons and you are not going to convince anyone here that there’re dangerous for small kids so forget it!
When we went for our second visit, we were able to bring all of the donations. Albina who is a very gracious women thanked us and that goes out to all the people who helped also by donating. Bill’s family might notice something a little extra in the picture of the bag of sleepers! We gave Albina the giant sleeper that’s been going around as a family joke. She at first was shocked, then we told her it was a joke, she laughed and said she’ll wear them next new years. She had requested pampers as donations (that’s new around here) for us to buy with the money donations.
Next week we will visit the other special needs orphanage and we will be able to buy some things for them as well.
Habiba is still very concerned because Almira’s mother has not signed the release form as of yet. We hear conflicting stories that they found her, then they didn’t it was just relatives. We are told that Almira’s birth mother is from a small village and is now married with a baby and another on the way; we feel she isn’t going to have a problem signing it but we are in the crazy land of Kaz. We just want everything handled correctly. It’s not done until it’s done and we’re home!

So we have to make birthday party plans for Almira tomorrow!

Yummm.... paint water

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