May 1 2007
Day 13 Yippee

Still in Central Asia or the land of the cutest, chubbiest, cheekiest babyís. Oh that makes me miss my Gabby Girl (the most beautiful) so much. There is a little girl that plays outside of our building and her name is Dianna and that makes me miss my daughter in law, and that leads to my son Danny and my Nicky, itís so hard. Why is it when we were home we couldnít wait to get back here and now that weíre here youíve guess it. I want to go home!
Unfortunately there are
"special needs" children here...
Today is May 1st and itís Victory day! So big celebration in the town square. We enjoyed having chicken Shaslyks (shish-ka-bobs) and itís been long enough I think we are in the clear from getting sick from it! I donít think they know about ďsam-n-ellaĒ or the Asian flu here yet. Things come slowly, a teenager actually asked us today if we drove here from America. We said are you crazy do you know our gas prices, and what that would cost us!!! Their gas is still very cheep (good ole Kaz oil, about 60 Tenge a liter) I know my mother is expecting us to bring her home some as her souvenir.
On to the orphanage, we played outside the whole time with the kids. The little girl who looks like Gianna, was so shy one day when I came near her, she pulled her hat down over her face as to not connect with me. Today, I donít know what happened but when she saw us, she coming running to us with her hands up. Itís so bittersweet, we enjoy immensely holding, singing, kissing and rocking these kids but it breaks our hearts to peel (literally) them off of us when we have to leave. I know it canít be helped, but I get so angry at the mothers for leaving these helpless children behind. I see them so emotionally needy, yearning for a human touch. The care takers really and truly do the best that they can but thereís just not enough of them. I wish the mothers were made to take a tour of this place before leaving them at the maternity hospital. Maybe I am very wrong but I think they make it to easy (no questions asked) but I think thatís only in some cases. I know there are others were itís absolutely necessary and itís to save their babies life. We feel a deep connection with Giannaís and Almiraís mothers, while we are here we wanted to look up Giannaís mom but Habiba said no, it causes trouble. We wanted her to know how much loved Gianna is. Habiba said donít worry she probably doesnít care. Knowing Gianna, that precious kid the way we do, that women cares! As far as moms go, we need to have a release signed from Almiraís mom before court. There is no address or record of her and she wrote that her parents are deceased. I doubt itís going to be that easy, weíll see and pray about itÖ a whole lot.
Oh yeah, the itsy-bitsy
spider song is back!
My quest, though I am not very good at it, is to convey just how awesome of an experience and joy adopting one of these children brings to you. You all know the love and gift from God Gianna has been to us. Today we had a real overwhelming experience with Almira when the caregiver said it was time to go back to the group she had a extremely sad face, but we had to give her back. As we left the building and headed for the flat her caregiver (a wonderful women, that always wears the Chicago T-shirt we gave her 2 years ago) came back out with Almira because she was crying hysterically for us. She let us calm her down and she took her back inside. Sure, we are human and it made us feel very loved and wanted by her but it mostly broke our hearts, I actually started crying with her. Bill turned to me and said do you think we can stay for the next four weeks? Then we came to our senses. We both knew there was no way we could pull that off again. So we have to count on the Lord to completely take care of her until we can come back to take her home, itís going to kill us to leave her for a month though.

On a much lighter note, Bill has figured out how to work the TV, yes itís all in Russian but right now heís watching topless G-string bowling (he probably doesnít even notice itís not in English yet). Itís unbelievable how risquť and uncensored Russian TV is on a regular basis. You donít want to be watching a news program and view an accident scene, it could be quite graphic!

So happy, sad and hopeful,

Such sad tears...

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