April 30, 2007

Day 12

“Kaz-not-stand-it” anymore! Kaz we just want to get back home. Just a couple of the stupid little play on words I can come up with just sitting around. Being apart from our kids is the extremely hard part. If they were with us, I could stay as much as they wanted me to.

Today they had the May 1st celebration. We walked in and it was just as before when we attended a children’s party in 2005. When we walked in, Almira spotted us and instinctively wanted to come to us but she was in the middle of playing “musical chairs” (by the way Anthony and Gianna, she cheats and just sits down when she wants!). She then got up and said a poem with another child, she looked so shy, probably because of us. We always try to “sneak in” when we arrive at the baby house just to get glimpses of the “real Almira” around her friends and the caregivers. As I peeked around the corner, Albina immediately motioned for us to come and sit down. So much for that idea! I started taking pictures and Marie took videos. As we watched, Marie started to get teary eyed, she told me how Almira looked so proud that we were there, something we were sure that she never felt before. Marie thought of all of the school activities, functions and occasions that would make her feel special because she will now be a part of them and it made her happy.

Today our “American neighbors” had a successful court date even though, just as the “Kaz” way, it was “touch and go” to the very end. Congratulations on your new son!
Front of baby house

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And After...
Meanwhile back at home, Tina has been hard at work keeping the kids busy. She thought Gianna could use some special time of her own. Before we knew it, we allowed her to take her to get her ears pierced. We mentioned it to Habiba and to our surprise, it is actually quite a big thing here, it is a young Kazakh girl’s “right of passage” when she gets her ears pierced. She also told us that it is also customary for the family to “present” the Kazakh girl with MONEY!