April 29 2007
Day 11

Today is another Sunday Mass we’ve missed. I think if we were able to attend church out here it would be very rejuvenating for us, and while were still dreaming, could Mass be in English too.

My daughter in law gave me a beautiful pray for the adoptive mother and I can’t find anywhere. I even looked on line and I couldn’t find it. I thought while I was here, I would be able to listen to Catholic radio via the internet but, the dial-up is prehistoric. So I’m kind of down this morning missing some inspiration yes, we brought our Bible but I need someone to motivate me a little.

Well of course Almira magically lifted our spirits. Today there wasn’t a serious bone in her body. Anthony is going to have some competition in the goofy department. She was bouncing of the walls trying to make us laugh. She chased balloons and laughed non stop. They put a little boy on the couch in the music room because he was sick and he couldn’t go outside with the group. Almira went over shared her banana and juice with him before I realized it. I hope she doesn’t get sick. I know they all share the germs around her anyway. Every chance that no one was watching, he’d get up run around in a circle and sit back on the couch before he got caught. These caregivers have quite the control over these kids. Then the Nurse/caregiver came in and gave him as shot (Almira watched very closely) and probably some type of fever reducer. I know it wasn’t Tylenol because last time we were here, we brought a bunch of children’s Tylenol but Albina coundn’t accept it (this is weird but, she said the “Soviet government” didn’t approve it, what Soviet Government?) I think their answers are designed for the least point of resistance? Back to the wild Kazakh… Bill already started nicknaming her “Kazoo two” As wild as she may be, she is still a beautiful precious little girl whom we love so very much.
I still can't seem to shake
my little friend...
Again, is this Gianna, or what? (also not available)
This afternoon we were invited to Habiba’s mother in law’s house. Yes we have returned!!! This is where we stayed two years ago. We toured the house, saw our old bedroom and it was like yesterday that we were here. It looked so much bigger then I remembered. It felt good to be back but sad not to have Gianna with us. We had a nice meal and Kazakh Cognac with the whole family. We handed out gifts and talked a little politics of course. It took me by surprise on just how good it felt to see them again.

Back to the Baby House, for our second round with Almira. She did calm down and sat curled up in my arms as I rocked her a bit. A caregiver came out with the happiest little man you’d ever see. He was probably about five months old. He sat there a laughed his chubby checks off. Unfortunately I don’t know why but he’s not available for adoption.

We had to post late because the electricity was down for a while, so we sat around by candle light and made the most of it.

Paka for now,

I finally get to wear the HAT!

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