April 28 2007

Day 10 of 14 days bonding

Well, today is the big day, Almira shows her true colors and they areÖblack and white. When will Bill learn that I do the packing! (Oops forgot the Cubs stuff!)

When I took this outfit out of the bag (I am not kidding) Almira couldnít get it on fast enough. Wow what are the chances; out of the whole Republic of Kazakhstan we would be given the only two sox fans (or are there three?)!
For my big brothers, Danny & Nicky.. (Anthony and daddy are Cub fans!) Just remember what happend when the last Sox fan came home, can you say "World Series '07"
Konerko baby!
Both visits went real well, here are some adjectives to describe Almira, giggler, practical joker and now dare devil. Almira has always been afraid of the bird Katya, and now, the past couple of days, she is sticking her finger in her face and Katya, I donít know how the heck to describe her response but, she crowed?, growled?, snapped?, squawked? (Weíve been cooped up here to long!). All in all, we really do like spending time with Almira but we need to get back home. Our 14 days are coming to an end but not until we have a court date can we make travel plans for home.
A Kazakh happy meal!
Tina, we found the wedding limo...
We paid extra for the wedding rings on top.
You better be back, that's all I'm sayin..
Bill had a first today; by the way we have found gold in these here steppes, a friend of Habibaís familyís is a massage therapist, an older but very strong Kazakh woman. Iíve already had one, we talked Bill into one today, and he really enjoyed it. The unbelievable part is that she charges roughly $4.00 US for a whole hour. The best bargain youíll find in Arkalyk!
We felt guilty, that she comes to us and itís only $4.00, so we doubled it. It still didnít even add up to a typical tip at home.


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