April 27 2007
Day 9 of 14 bonding days

This morning I had it with not having any coffee so I bought the ever so popular out here, instant Nescafe coffee, oh it’s not very good. Pat Reed, think of me tomorrow when you are having your freshly brewed hot cup of coffee!

We headed to the Baby House, the weather was a little chilly but not bad. Almira is always so happy to see us. They were in the middle of dressing her and she just ran off to us. I brought her more paper and this time a glue stick. She sat very patiently cutting out shapes and gluing them together. I think she’s going to be alright with starting at St. Theresa’s preschool this fall. I have tried to get her to work on the letter E, she is capable of it but would rather make us laugh writing it in her funny version, she is a character. The rest of our visit we spent walking hand in hand around the grounds. We stopped for a while and she sat on Bill’s lap as if she was melted to him with such a look of pleasure and enjoyed us singing to her (yes that’s right she likes our singing). Ok, I will say in again it’s going to be so hard leaving her. It’s crossed my mind to stay but I know better, I need to get home to my family. (Yes, I know Danny, I have to get your house sold!) Maybe by the time I get back, the housing market will have rebound! (don’t count on it!)

The afternoon visit went just as nice. It wound up raining a little and as I am typing, I looked up and their was a beautiful rainbow “Almira’s rainbow”… I will never forget the day we left Arkalyk with Gianna, God sent her a rainbow too.
Yes, Gianna, she found the lipstic you sent!
Laundry Day... Everyday!
Gene and Lisa, look familiar?
We have self-service car wahes... They have self-serve shoe cleaners along the streets!
Oh yeah, the Kazakh squat!
Almira's rainbow...

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