April 26 2007

Day 8…Yeah!

The weather this morning was sunny and nice though we still wore our coats to the baby house. Yesterday the weather was equally nice. We walked without our coats with every one looking as if we were totally naked. It takes about 80 degrees to get a Kazakh to dress for summer. I don’t blame them after they freeze all winter.

When we walk around every one looks at us anyways. At home it’s very common to hear other languages spoken, but out here I think they could hear us miles away and they don’t see many Americans. While walking, a lot of school children come up to us and impress us saying “hello” or “hello how are you” , so well that we think they know more and we start talking…”hello how are you” is all they know. The other day Bill got the biggest laugh out of a 12ish year old boy. He came up to us and said “hello how are you …American? And Bill answered back quickly as he pointed at him “are you an American” to joke back with him. He caught him so off guard, he got all embarrassed and said “no, no, I am Kazakh!” I guess you had to be there it was quiet cute.
Our morning visit went well, a couple of days ago I brought scissors and taught Almira how to cut, she really wasn’t interested in them then, but today, she became Edward Scissor Hands. She cut up everything but the furniture she loved using them. Of course being one of Albina’s kids, she diligently picked up ever scrap of paper, crayon box, hair ties, plastic bag, box of cereal and everything else she cut into a million’s pieces. It’s so enjoyable to see enjoy the every day things that our kids do
Well this afternoon, you must have sent us the weather from home because it rained and turned quite gloomy. It’s always happy times with the kids. Great news, there is only one baby in the newborn room left. Habiba said a Kazakh couple came and adopted one and Lynne saw a mom visiting her baby and maybe she took her home. It’s so nice to know that they are not alone. There’s still a couple tiny ones in the special needs room. Happy day for the babies!

We walked in for our second visit and Almira was in the playroom downstairs (I have never seen this room before) they have blocks and cars etc. They’re mostly too little to know how to play with them but chewing them and throwing them is just as much fun. We had a blast with Almira wow, her true personality is surfacing!!

She was so silly, giggling out of control, now we know who she is and yes, we still love her. Miss smarty pants started teaching me Russian I was to repeat after her and when I didn’t pronounce the word correctly, she corrected me and laughed at me hysterically. When I said it right, she would then say “Da”. Oh yeah, she’s a keeper, another clown in the Paul family. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera so no afternoon pictures.

Whatcha got at home that needs cutting?
Another self portrait
Marie, don't even think about it!
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