April 24, 2007
Day 6

Our morning visit was nice especially partly because she wasn’t wearing that purple dress! I think she had a bath yesterday because her hair smelled nice. She is always excited to see us. I know I will feel real bad having to leave her behind for almost a month.

She really enjoys coloring with the markers; it’s funny, since we brought them out, she’s been dying to taste one so she snuck a taste in today before I could stop her. She seems to have a care free, what ever feels good, and makes you laugh (like Poppa’s) attitude. OH NO!

We have truly fallen in love with her and that was easy, she’s so loving and opened to being loved “Thank you Jesus” I already have her matching colors and she catches on very quick but I know we will have to start all over when she gets home. She has a good Russian vocabulary but still speaks quietly when she does say something. I wish I could find a language school for her back home but their really isn’t anything along those lines. So we do our visit for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon and then it’s Paka.
Okay, she has figured out our camera and now insists on
taking her own pictures of herself...
Before and after a visit from "Katya" the bird...
I don't think I should have started
feeding this thing!
Bill says he feels so much of the past every time he turns around he sees a familiar face of a caregiver or notices an un-mistakable smell and it brings him right back to 2005. He expects to see Gianna coming through the door and Almira walks in instead. It is a nice surprise though. It is so strange to be here without her. We see her face in so many people through out the day. I guess the real difference this time here is that there are no “surprises” or wondering what might happen next. In 2005, we had no idea what was going to happen next or what we should do for any given circumstance, now we know the “ins and outs” and it sort of has taken a little of the “thrill or the adventure” out of it.

This trip is so much different then the last. We are staying more in the heart of town and we walk back and forth from the baby house everyday. Usually after our morning visit we head down the street to the market. It’s the same merchandise every time but it gives us something to do. I love being out on the streets, it’s the best way to get a feel for the Kazakh lifestyle here. What’s constantly on my mind as I look around is that I could picture Gianna growing up here. By birthright, this is her home and heritage that dates back to the beginning of man (not that way for us in America so much).

As all my children know to the extent that I love them with all my heart and soul, she will always have a special place in my heart. The one thing that I am reminded of being here everyday, is what an enormous gift Gianna is to me. Being without her lately has made me appreciate even more the gift Kazakhstan has entrusted to me. I know I feel that way about Almira too.
This evening we were invited over to our old dear friend’s Rose’s house for dinner. She was the government social worker in the ministry of education for Gianna. It was so nice to see her again. We had some good times and laughs in the past, she is such a sweet women, we of course we forced to have the “mandatory” toasts and rounds of Vodka. Bill was even coaxed into a few while we watched a video of a Whitney Houston concert given to her by the Kane family.

It was time to rush back to the flat to “instant message” the kids before they were off to school. It is our new routine since we have a decent internet connection (still only dial up though) Tina says that they are really missing us, more often at bed time. It breaks my heart to be away from them. I can deal with the loss of work/income, but being separated from them is killing us both. It’s a daily “countdown” to the day we leave here and hug them up again.

Well, while you are reading this, it is the middle of the night for us and I am tired, so, we will post again tomorrow!


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