April 23, 2007
Day 5

A New Pink Dress!

We had a nice visit both morning and afternoon, of course, she’s a sweetheart. We got her to run around a little, she played with Jayden and Tuma. Bruce was telling us (he met Almira a month ago) that before we arrived she was a lot more wild, active and he thinks her personality is a lot more tom boyish which works out great for Anthony. We never get to see her with her guard down, but by some of her smurks (she has a smurk just like Jsera) I know darn well there’s a mischievous side lurking. I think as soon as we get her home she will catch on that we are going to love her bad and good…but who’s complaining
Bill and our adoption agency (they are awesome) Vinola from Adopt A Miracle are working on a humanitarian project for Arkalyk. If all goes well, he and some other past Arkalyk families will come out here next year with the donations. We pray that it includes a new playground. That is what these kids need so badly. So anyway, Bill got a chance to meet with Albina and she gave him a tour of the whole building and what she would love to get fixed. She made him promise not to let the pictures out of his hands so I won’t post them. There is a lot a maintenance desperately needed, so much of it is behind the scenes that we usually wouldn’t see. This women keeps things going on a minimal budget and makes it work.
This time around we are staying in a flat (as they are called here) next to Habiba’s flat where our American family and new friends are staying. Of course having them here is very important to our sanity.
I could have sworn I put in the change of address form..Nothing
Oh no, a Kazakh Kelsey!
Habiba provides us with 3 meals a day thank God, because after seeing the un-refrigerated meat market I would have no clue on how to prepare those cuts and strange parts. All you past families, Habiba lately has been doing the cooking herself. She wants everyone to know she too can cook. The food is good just sometimes a little different then usual. I can eat anything but …we all know Bill is a little fussy so the other day I had to lick off all the dill from Bill’s food before he saw it. It’s the little things that make it work around here!

Here's to Gene and Lisa, Good friends forever... we miss you here.
No, I did NOT eat all of this stuff!
It was only about 70 degrees in this room
Emily looks like a spitting image of Gianna here

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