Day 4

April 22, 2007

Same purple dress, different day!

Nothing much different today. In a minute Marie is going to take control as she is already telling me what and how to say it, so I must speak fast!

We went to see if we could find the “cosmonauts” at the hotel in town in between our visits. Lynne talked to some Russian military guy yesterday and they said they would be coming here with the cosmonauts and the capsule once they landed. Well this is Arkalyk, and no, they never did come here into the town. They picked them up south of here and flew them by helicopter to Star City in Russia. We did however, meet a Russian military support guy with the space program and saw their cool trucks. Besides the cool trucks in town for the day, you wouldn’t have noticed anything much different about the day. It was cool to know that a space capsule landed not far from here though.
Pilot David Moore, (our nephew) David, I asked if you could be on the next mission, he said he would have to get back to me!
No Anthony, they won't let me drive it!
OK enough from Bill, (see what I mean, I’m lucky I got in the above paragraphs!) our visit in the morning went well. They put that same purple dress on everyday, Almira likes it because it comes with newer shinny shoes. I love to see her in something a little more comfortable but they like us to see her at her best. Our afternoon visit of course went…very well. On Sunday’s the baby house is very quiet and there are only a few caretakers working. The kids seem to be in a quieter state too. It was so nice that a couple of the caregivers sat down with Almira and explained every picture to her in our book to her. She now can point out and say Anthony, Gianna, momma and poppa. Pictures of Kelsey (dog) don’t seem to bother her but she is so afraid of the Cockatiel bird that fly’s around freely. Now that Bill has been feeding it she won’t leave us alone. The other day Bill coaxed it back in her (her name is Katya) cage and if it knew how to talk it would have been swearing its head of at Bill. We share the music room with Lynne and Bruce and there are times that Almira looks over at their toys and stuff, but she would never leave our side. We wouldn’t mind if she wanted to run around a little a play with Jayden ( Lynne & Bruce’s son ). We have heard stories that she can be on the wild side but, never in front of us, yet. Having a Momma and Poppa are so important to her right now. Yes, we dread the day we have to say good-by for 4-6 weeks. Oh, by the way I will have you know she says banana and juice now!
Tina and everybody back home you have to do me a favor please. Give Gianna a million hugs and kisses for me. I am so reminded here of how her life was and how much she liked being hugged and kissed by all of us. It kills us to watch the new born babies and babies up to about 4 months old, because they are left to lie in bed all day. The one little guy here is already doing that rocking and soon will be banging his head on the crib for self affection. It’s the hardest thing to watch. Already they know crying doesn’t matter and they don’t anymore. When they do it’s a cry unlike no cry we have ever heard. We would be glad to hold them, but that wouldn’t be allowed because then they would start crying for the attention when we’re gone. Albina is a wonderful person and takes great care of these kids I have no clue why this is one area that has always been overlooked. I know Gianna, Almira and all the Angels of Arkalyk suffered in their first few months. As soon as they are moved to the next group their care is so much better. We have so easily forgotten where Gianna’s need for attention and love has come from, so some extra hugs for Mommy and maybe a little rocking her to sleep until I can get home. Of course love up my Anthony and Gabriella (granddaughter) for me too.
For all of you guys looking for Sumot, he has been adopted YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Though of course, there is another Somot to take his place, it’s so crazy that they keep recycling the same names over and over. Their has been a couple of Aidanna’s, Zhazera’s, Kasar’s, and right now, two Almira’s are here. There were so many adoptions this year from Arkalyk you would think this place would be empty, but no, it’s still full. I asked Habiba if they bring in kids from other places when there is an opening but she said no, they are all local. One of these days Habiba is going to take us to the special needs orphanage (a much nicer name then the insane asylum as they call it) to check on Ullia for Mishy. That’s one awesome family, adopting their 9th child, the second from Arkalyk and a couple have been special needs, God bless them!


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