April 20
Day 2 and counting

“The Russians are landing”

The weather is beautiful today hope it’s been nice at home for the kids. We are starting to miss them bad and I missed my Wednesday with Princess Gabriella. Thank goodness we found that special “missing Momma & Daddy tea” for Anthony and Gianna. They have a little sip at night before bed and it makes all the missing of us go away. I sure wish I had some here. We do have another American family out here that keep us company Bruce, Lynne and their six year old son Jayden. They are from Boulder Colorado and are adopting a 2 year old son. They are such sweet people. Just like before when we were out here with Gene and Lisa, when we shared a very vulnerable time in both of our lives.

Well the big day will be tomorrow, the Russian cosmonauts are landing here in Arkalyk outside of town. It’s handled more like a search and rescue mission to recover them. While walking to the baby house we were passed by a caravan of Russian support vehicles. They don’t mess around it’s the only type of vehicle that can use these roads. They are here to carry the capsule and cosmonauts first to Arkalyk for 2 days and then on to Russia. The town seems so unconcerned by all of this…. what no T-shirts, souvenirs, concession stands. Nothing at all!!!!
We had our morning visit with Elmira; it was very pleasing to know the extent that she has already adjusted to us in just three days. I rocked her a little and sang “You are my sunshine” she had the look of peace and total contentment so did I. I love when we pick her up from the baby room in the mornings as she sees us, stops what she’s doing and runs to us with a big smile.
This afternoon we were invited to the main recreation building in town where they were having a school talent show (our new cook is one of the school’s head directors). They announced that there were guest Americans in the front row and they applauded for us. The boys that sat behind us were about 10 or 12 years old and enjoyed practicing their English on us. Then they both gave Bill and me a couple coins (Tenge-Kazakh money) and we reciprocated with giving them a US dollar. They were thrilled as if it was a treasure. The one boy looked at me and with such a serious face said to me “remember me” I said I will and he then said “because I will never forget you!” The show was quite a production; we have it all on tape. As we watched I couldn’t help but think that these school children could have been Gianna or Elmira’s classmates if things were different.
Our afternoon visit went very well with Elmira. She planted herself on my lap and stayed there the whole time. She is so sweet, though we have heard she has a “spunky” side. Once in a while she speaks to us in Russian and then she gives up because we just sit there with no answers. The other family that’s with us speaks a lot in Russian; we just never had the patience to learn it. Maybe I am wrong, but I think it’s best to just get started on English right away. Just like Gianna, it’s amazing that they take directions in English so quickly. I could ask her where is your juice and she will point it out. We Love her, I can’t wait to get her home with the family.

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