Just a poem I wrote for Gianna...
Daddy's Precious Angel

There was a time not so very long ago, when we knew the path our future should go.

Mommy got a calling she could not ignore, it was a cry for help from a far away shore.

Mommy tried to convince me that this was just so right, but my fears and my weakness postponed our eventual flight.

Mom showed me a picture of a little girl in a far away land, I prayed for a sign and God said "go hold that little girl's hand"

From that moment in time I knew what was right, you became my daughter for whom I would fight.

You have such a big family that you haven't yet met, I swear they already love you, for you they would never forget.

Your new grandmas and aunties, uncles and the kids, your grandpa's both in heaven all waiting for you, our little precious gift.

So don't worry my baby, we're coming to bring you home, I know you will be scared, but I promise you won't ever feel alone.

We've packed all our bags and are the most restless each night, for that call from the angels to get on that next flight.

We promise to care for you each day and every night, because my sweet angel you really are precious in our's and God's sight.

So sleep tonight my sweet child because one day soon you will see,
just what it feels like to walk hand and hand with mommy and me...

Your daddy
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