October 2006-

We were originally supposed to leave on October 28, 2006 but as usual with Kaz, they just can't seem to get the paperwork right. We must now wait to travel. Though we did receive our original LOI's, they now need to be updated... Off to a good start... hope this doesn't reflect the momentum our future trip. Stay tuned.

Update January 1, 2007

Well, again, yes, you guessed it, more delays... Now we hear stories that we need some updated papers for our dossier?
I'm sure it will be another week before we even find out
which ones. Who knows. It's Kaz's big New Year holiday, some offices are even closed until the 10th. I hope it is something
we can just bring with us because if we have to submit it
before we get an approval, we are talking weeks of waiting.

What's funny is that we already had our LOI 3 months ago and were approved then. Not that I didn't keep asking to get this new LOI a month ago but I just kept hearing, "Oh these could be rushed, don't worry" It never fails... Stay tuned.


Good and bad news, we can just bring the needed updated documents with us when we travel and not have to wait and send them in.

The bad news, no word yet... still waiting for the L.O.I. they said "would be no problem and they could easily expedite it when we needed it" again, stay tuned...

UPDATE: January 19, 2007

Yes, still here. Still waiting for out L.O.I. They now say it is ready and they will send it, (that was two days ago, still no sign of it) The New York Kaz Embassy, as of 11am this morning, still has no cable confirming any L.O.I. They say "maybe it will be there Monday?" Just getting really tired of the "hurry up and wait" attitude. But as long as they are pulling the strings, we unfortunately, are at their mercy. We still have not even gotten a confirmation about the actual release date of our "gift". (more on this at a later time) Just hangin' in there, more news soon...

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UPDATE: January 23, 2007

We were to originally supposed to travel in late October 2006. In early October we heard that she was inadvertantly not added to the last three month list and she would have to be on that list before we could adopt her. What could we do? We had no choice but to wait until now, January 2007.

Well, after all of the calls back and forth, the half truths and watered down stories, finally the facts are in and it is bad... We just found out that there was "another mistake" in that the "mail was lost" when the papers were sent to the minstry in order to put her on this list. We are now told we cannot travel for several months. We are just heartbroken, the lack of professionalism is just ridiculous, these kids are the ones that suffer. Yes it will be hard for us but we still have a warm house, plenty of food to eat, modern conveniences and the freedom to do what we want, when we want to. She will still be there not knowing a mommy and daddy for several more months... I don't know what else to say but that we will be here waiting...and waiting...and waiting. We will keep you updated as news happens...
UPDATE: April 1, 2007

Well, so far, so good... We are days away from the LOI. We were told we could be there after April 19th. At this point we still don't have the LOI but, We had to book or loose our tickets the other day so... we booked them! I don't advise this though. We are taking a chance and may have to change dates for a fee if things don't work out as planned. They have come up with some last minute requirements from this particular judge in this region. Thank God we have made good connections there with the Americans presently there, as they have relayed these requirements to us. We are pretty much prepared for anything that they can throw at us. I have almost a full additional, original dossier to bring with if something else is needed.

More soon...
April 14, 2007

With the arrival of the Fed Ex truck this morning bringing our visa stamped passports from the Kazakhstan embassy in New York itís official we are leaving on Sunday!

I could of told you that when we discovered the mommy and daddy ducks on the roof of our house the day before Easter. Thatís an old sign of fertility or a sign for the old parents that there is still another child to join our family.

Today while driving home from the secretary of stateís office to renew my drivers license (which isnít happening anytime soon because years ago I never notified social security that my name changed) I hope it doesnít effect me getting on the plane. Oh well I guess there is no driving for me in Central Asia! Just kidding! Bill was the only one goofy enough to try that. Driving out there is indescribable, the cars drive within inches of each other at all times with no method to their madness at all and pedestrians well, they donít stand a chance. Anyway, today while I am driving on an expired license it hits me this is really it and tears rolled down my face. Next week I am going to meet and be able to touch the little girl I hope to spend the rest of my life being her mommy!!!!
Ya, sure, we're ready to go!!!
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