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Well, let me explain. Anyone who followed our journey with Gianna through July 2005, knows there was no way we were ever going back to Kazakhstan for any reason. We had just finished spending 47 days “in-country” missed our family and children to the point where we never thought this adventure would end.

The first few days home were quite refreshing. We loved being back. I never knew that “being back in the states” would feel so good. I learned very quickly what we as Americans have here, from the basics of freedom to the modern day technology and even everyday conveniences we enjoy and take for granted. Unless you have been out of the country, it is hard to explain the feeling’s I had taken for granted, a feeling of being a part of something that is so much bigger than we are. The renewed loyalty, pride and respect I came home with for my country still makes me “shiver” to this day!

It was probably about a week after being home that I started realizing that I was missing Kazakhstan! I was the most insistent that I would never subject us to that kind of life ever again and here I was missing being there. I think a large part of it was being away from the everyday stress of running a business, paying bills (though we spent a lot of money while there) and just having the “day” to ourselves.

From the beginning, Marie had always had her heart set on coming home with two children, though I was hesitant. This was answered for us when we found out soon enough that Gianna’s region would not allow multiple adoptions in one trip. Marie knew that with my job, it would be near impossible to return some day for another child and that, was that.

Gianna could not have been a more suitable child for our family. From the start, it was as if she was always a part of us, she really changed all of our lives. We could not have been happier with her, all was good.

From the start of Gianna’s adoption process, Marie had grown close with other families through the internet and adoption groups that had also adopted from Arkalyk and were planning on returning themselves in the future. We grew very close to two families in particular.

The family from Kansas was going back (after a successful adoption of a little boy in December 2004) They were planning on adopting a little girl named “Jsera” from Gianna’s group. The other family from Boston was also making plans to return. This was going to happen sometime in September/October 2005, just 2 months after we had left there.

About two months later, our “internet” family from Boston was in Arkalyk for the adoption of a girl we met while there named “Tshopan” (now Sarah). Tshopan was a very shy girl, we would see her mostly playing by herself, or just sometimes “distant” from the group. A few times, I was able to get her to smile but mostly she would look as if “life” was just going by and things didn’t really matter much.

While they were “in-between” trips, we received a picture from Boston of Tshopan with her new daddy of him embracing her in the music room at the orphanage. I was just absolutely floored. Tears welled up in my eyes (just as they are now recalling this moment) She looked nothing like the Tshopan I had left there just two months ago. I was convinced that this was a different child, this angel had a smile on her face from ear to ear as if she had just noticed the world was truly a good place to be. She looked nothing like “my” Tshopan, I could not get over it. So full of life, so happy, I cried like a baby. I said to Marie, I can’t get over what a tremendous difference just a little love and attention could do to a child. Here I was, seeing it with my own eyes.

At that moment, I knew we were going back somehow, someday, I turned to Marie and told her I would now return to Kaz.

“Emily” (we won’t use her real name until she is in our arms) was always in the back of Marie’s mind while we were there and she would point her out to me when she had a brief sighting of her, as she was in the “younger” group. This was the little girl that would have come home with us and Gianna if we had our way back then.

So here we are, heading back to Kaz! We found out that all of our paperwork needed to be completely re-done. The rules are constantly changing there. Our home study had to be updated and include our newest child, Gianna, we needed all new medicals, fingerprints, and all of these documents were all to be apostiled once again.

We started this in April/May 2006, it is now September 2006 and we now have a “tracking number” from Fed X and are watching our paperwork slowly get to Astana…

Emily will not be available until late fall as she must be on the registry for six months. We don’t know who will finish first, her registry time or us getting our LOI (Letter of Invitation) to travel there. It is a nail-biting experience…

She has already become an intrical part of our family and she doesn’t even know it yet. I don’t know what we will do if this does not go through. It would be a devastating a loss to all of us. Anthony and Gianna are nightly “blowing kisses into the wind” for Emily every night.

Enough of the worrying, please join us as we travel to Kazakhstan for our second Kazakh Angel….
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