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Kansas City, Kansas City, Here we Come!

July 2006
We drove down to Kansas to see Gianna's closest friend from Kaz, Jsera (also one of my favorites) her brother Jess was adopted from the same orphanage the year before. Gianna and Jsera were very close in Kaz and when you saw one, the other was right behind. There were both raised there from birth and are only weeks apart in age.

We camped along the way. When we got to Michelle and Pat's home, and the girls met, it was if they were never separated. You couldn't keep them apart if you wanted to.

Michelle and Pat have two older kids, Jonas and Libby. They were the most polite kids I have seen in a long time. They all made us feel very comfortable around them. We camped about 15 minutes from their house and the second night, they stayed in a cabin in the park that we were in.

It was so great to finally meet them all. We had met Pat in December for about an hour while he was in-between flights in Chicago bringing Jsera home from Kaz. Until now, we had all been just "internet buddies" chatting all the time.

Because things are always so uncertain through the adoption process, it was a life saver to find other people who have gone through the up and down roller coaster that we were experiencing. Without their support and input, our adoption would have been much more strenuous.

We hope to remain life-long friends with our new "family" and maybe they will be in Chicago next summer!

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