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April 2006-Our visit down to Georgia to see Katya, Gene and Lisa!
(Our old Kazakh roommates)
Of course we had to stop at Dino-Land on the way!
We made it down to Georgia to see our friends. It was something to see them all, the hugs were flying. It brought back many feelings of the friendship we had formed in Kaz. I couldn't believe that we once again saw this little girl. It was so cool to know she was now an American citizen and even cooler to hear her deep southern accent!
The kids hit if off right from the start. Gianna and Katya both remembered each other like it was yesterday. Anthony was instantly in love and says he will marry her one day!
We spent 3 days in Georgia, we visited, we went to the new aquarium in Atlanta, and just caught up with each other. Katya has really transformed from a shy, little girl to a beautiful princess! I can't get over how different and amazing these kids look after just a little love and attention. It was so nice to see them all again, we're hoping to get together with them again this summer...

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