June 9, 2006

Today is "Gotcha day"

Oh, how blessed we our!!! How awesome it is to be celebrating our daughter’s first anniversary of her official adoption into our family…now home with all our family. We had a "gotcha/Kazakh" party and I tried to cook some ethnic Kazakh food (not a good idea) I just don’t have the knack for that kind of cuisine. We never got around to buying her an official Kazakh outfit so her daddy made her one. We are sure to buy her one on our next trip out there.

Well a whole year has gone by it feels just like yesterday that we met this little angel and yet it’s been as if she has been with us all a long.

I think all of us adoptive parents while in Kazakhstan couldn’t understand why so many people were against international adoption well, in this past year I get it, I really get it.

Kazakhstan, you will never know your loss because we have lived with this gift for this past year. You have given up one of the most loving, caring, giving, forgiving, and intelligent persons on the face of the earth. She truly can love someone unconditionally, she cares very deeply for our family and most impressive to me, has been her understanding for forgiveness.

She is the first to except an apology or give one and mean it. Especially the way she has overlooked our ignorance of her fears, and deep emotions that we never understood in the beginning.

I thank God every single day for picking me to mother Gianna and I thank Kazakhstan for trusting me!
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