Gianna's Life-long friends come to America

Gianna spent most of her life with among others, these four girls. We hope to keep them
friends forever!
Zhasera (Now Jsera) Hits the U.S.A!
December 2006
Welcome Home Sweetheart...
We were fortunate enough to meet Jsera
and her daddy at the airport in between their flights...
Gianna and Jsera met as if they were never separated, they hugged, kissed and held hands.
Then-June 2005 December 2005
Vicka (now Eva) Comes to America!!
May 2005 December 2005 (in Kaz)
Welcome home to America Eva January 2006
Tshopan's (Now Sarah) turn...
Welcome to America sweetheart!
Then June 2005 (Kaz)
Katya 5/2005 (Kaz)
Katya April 2006
Welcome Home Katya! September 2005
These four girls in particular and their families have become our "extended family". We were actually able to visit with Katya, Gene and Lisa in Georgia last April. It was something to see them all again. I wish we all lived closer, how different it could be. We also were fortunate to be able to go to Kansas this summer to see Jsera, Jess (also from Kaz but a year older) and their whole family. We hope to visit with Eva and all of them again in the summer of 2007. The stories follow later in the site.

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