September 2005

Gianna’s 3rd Birthday

We are so excited to be celebrating our little angels 3rd birthday, actually her first that has been ever celebrated. Today I thought a lot about Gianna’s birthmother. How is she feeling today? Is she even remembering today?
Her birthmother gave her, her birth date, but from now on, I am honored to be the one who celebrates her birthday every year!

We celebrated as we always do for our kids with our family and friends. Gianna loved her special day she had been admiring her new party dress for days (quite the princess)

Every time she opened a present, we read the card and told her who it was from and she would say “thank you” and thought she was supposed to give the present back to that person! She was very happy to find out her presents were her’s to keep. Anthony found his kinder, gentler side of having a new sister today…


Gianna’s very proud mommy, Thank You Jesus!
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We went to a local farm for berry and apple picking. We all had a blast.
She just fits right in as if she has been with us forever.
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