August 28, 2005

All the time in KAZ we couldnít wait to get her home to have her share in our faith and be baptized. So the big day finally came. In her little princess fashion she stole the show.

Her Godparents dear to us all, Uncle Harry my brother who has always been there for my kids and Gianna is no exception. They have become great friends as well.

Her Godmother, Nicole also comes to us as a great gift from God as she was adopted into our family from her birth. She is a cousin of Billís and a truly loving and giving person (with pretty great parents of her own) so we think it will be so good for Gianna in the future to have Nicole if she should feel any unforeseen questions or feelings about being adopted. How blessed are we?

Bill is still recovering his business and canít imagine traveling again but for me as God is my witness I would pack my bags tomorrow to bring home another Kazakhstan love.
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