July 14,2005 Home!

We have been having way too much fun with our new family addition to write lately.
Well it happened much sooner then I thought, our first Sunday in church with Gianna someone came up to us and asked if she was adopted and from where and how much it cost. Not offended in the least, we felt honored to be of some help. He went on to explain how he and his wife have been trying to have a baby without any success. We are so thrilled if this could lead to another child coming home!

Of course we love this little girl so much… probably much more than we expected to from last year. All has been going so well. It’s amazing to just watch her grow more accustom to a normal family life. We have a child’s kitchen for her to play with but I had to keep her in the kitchen with me to teach her what it’s all about. The second morning, she helped me make the whole family French toast. I can’t describe what a thrill it is to watch her seeming to make up for lost time spent in the orphanage. One morning while she giggled at Elmo’s World it really hit me; every child should be able to watch Elmo’s World (you know what I mean). She would be playing with Anthony and every once in a while she has to call out “Momma” just for a little reassurance. I love to reassure her and send back to play, you cant imagine the love we feel for her as we are watching her run, sing and dance so carefree as it should be.

Our biggest challenge has been her fear of our dog. She has made some progress on it with her, though now the dog is afraid of Gianna due to hearing her blood curdling screams from their first meeting. Kelsey now prefers to stay under the dining room table when Gianna’s around. Bath time is always fun we can’t pass the bathroom without wanting a quick dip. Being outside is great, I even noticed Anthony enjoys the swing, pool and sand/water table so much more now that Gianna’s involved. Lately we have had some jealousy issues (pretty normal). I know for Anthony it was 100% more fun to receive a sibling that’s 2 years old then getting a newborn.

I have to say my first impression of the baby house and the caregivers was it’s adequate but not the best. Now that we are getting to really know Gianna and for how easy it’s been for her to adjust and reciprocate our love, I have to say they all did a great job. She’s loving, very affectionate and a well-adjusted child I am so amazed. I have to admit she brought along a little temper but in just this short time we have made a lot a progress with that.

We plan on having her baptism/introduction party in the near future…
Gianna's First haircut by her sister Tina
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