July 8, 2005 Day 1 HOME!!!!

Yes, itís true. We are HOME! We got the news at the last minute on the 7th that the papers were ready and on their way to Almaty. We got them that evening about 6 pm, and took our flight on the 8th at 3:20 am. We arrived in Chicago on the 8th and about noon Central time. WOW WE STILL CANíT BELIEVE IT!!!

Though everyone who has gone before us shared their experience, no one ever prepared us for walking in our front door. Wow, how awesome! We had Anthony meet us out in front as the limo pulled up. Gianna though very tired seemed to sense this was her last destination and she jumped out of the car and actually ran to Anthony (her 4-year-old brother) so excited. We all went into the house and Anthony and Gianna hugged and kissed. It had been so long since she was around someone her own age she loved it.

In her usual way, she pranced through the house looking around. Tina, the Izzo cousins and Grandma were there to greet her too. At first everyone was grabbing at her all at once and scared her a little or just overwhelmed her. But her sister Tina took her upstairs to refresh her pedicure and that seemed to take her mind off of being scared. She is however; very afraid of dogs so Kelsey is going to be a challenge for a while.

Thatís all for now, give me a day or two to adjust and I will post some moreÖ Thank you all for all of your words of encouragement and loving thoughts. You made this journey so much easier for us in knowing there were many people out there who cared about Gianna and us.
Copyright Our Kazakh Angel 2005
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