July 3rd 2005

Okay, enough of complaining about sloppy and slow Kazakhstan bureaucratics and backward business practices. We sat down tonight and listened to some songs that remind us of adoptions and looked through all our past pictures and had a good cry!

Thank you Kazakhstan for Gianna, this wonderful, beautiful gift that we will treasure forever. We promise! From now on, we all are gonna be a little Kazakh like it or not. Lately, its been a mad dash to get home, weve almost forgotten all the love we have experienced here. All those awesome kids, beautiful and full of life. We know only a very small percentage of them will be adopted, but they will make it, we pray. All through this process we have heard so many parents exclaim what a blessing their adopted children have been to their family. Well, finally it is our turn in addition to all our beautiful loved children at home, we are so lucky for it to be our time to say THANK YOU JESUS we love her and she is a blessing and a true gift. Thank you!
"Amie was 18 months old by the time we finally got to meet her 8/04. We knew it was a good sign that she wasn't so happy to meet us (stranger anxiety phase), so the fact that we had to work a little harder to have her accept us was welcomed. On day three of our journey something happened. Suddenly this little angel accepted us (course the crackers and Cheerios helped a little..lol) From that day on, Amie blossomed before our eyes. It was amazing to watch her change over the course of the visitation.
Today, although she'll eat most foods...her favorites are french fries, chocolate, and apples. I had to laugh the day we were in a Mcdonalds drive thru...and I heard from the back seat "Ummmmmmmmmmm......blablalbalba, FRENCH FRIES pease?" (please)...that was after being home a couple of months! She is smart and sensitive and wise for a child of two, it is easy to see her determination and persistance will help her overcome any obstacles in life"

Amie joined Rachel (30) Jack (5) and Danny (3) in Boston
Another Successful Arkalyk Adoption Story...
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