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July 1st & 2, 2005 Day, Yes, another day

Obviously, we didn’t post yesterday; we pretty much spent the whole day on the phone with Lufthansa. Be very careful to make sure you know what you are getting into with the airline you choose. Lufthansa told us NOT to book the baby’s return trip in the states as it would be cheaper to do it from Kaz. Okay, I asked if they were sure there would be no problems. “Oh no, They will fit her on” was their answer. I trusted them. Major mistake! I went to set up a seat for her and was told there is nothing available whatsoever on the 6, 7 or 8th. I almost hit the roof. After spending about $100.00 on hotel phone rates on about 30 calls to them, as of this moment, things are still in the air. She is now on a “wait list” for the 8th. Doesn’t sound so bad huh, but there are also over 100 people on that list. Apparently the airlines feel it is just fine to overbook a flight by 100 people and just screw them as need be. As long as they don’t possibly leave with an empty seat, they are happy. I just found out as of today, if she does get a confirmation, the ticket price would be a cool $6,000.00 one way. This is out-right criminal. I have to now fight with the rate office on Monday to get her a discounted adoption fee (which will be between $800.00 and $900.00) Gee, we flew here with that discounted rate, did something change? I just don’t get their mentality. I think I will feel better once we get back to the states and my mechanic only rips me off for a hundred or so dollars for work he didn’t do. I know it will mean nothing to them, but I am gonna write a long letter to Lufthansa upon our return just to let them know how I feel. And the crap they put us through.
Gianna, un-bothered by this all, thinks we live on the 8th floor of the Hyatt Hotel, complete with glass elevators, a beautiful swimming pool with water falls and room service. The best part for her is she has no clue that her mother and father have a previous life, jobs, and that she is not an only child!
July 2, 2005

Today was a better day I guess, it’s has began to sink in that we are gonna be here for 3-4 days longer that we have to just waiting for a flight out. We went to a July 4th party at the U.S. Marine house. It was as much fun as it gets in Kazakhstan. Actually their residence is up toward the mountains in a very expensive neighborhood. We were surprised that all the homes in that part resemble American architecture, it felt like home. Most of the people there were American families, some military and some government workers. They all were very nice with a lot of children. Yes, mother my first thought was “is it safe to be abroad at an American gathering at a U.S. interest?” Yes, it was quite safe and how awesome to let Gianna run around and worry about running out of the yard as the entrance was heavily guarded. It really was fun to sit in the sun and eat American food. They had a band, Kazakh, but they played American music. Mostly jazz.

We met a man there from New York who had adopted an 8-month-old. This is their second adoption. He was very nice and offered us a ride back to our hotel at the end of the day. We did get a connection for a good driver out of this for some future touring.
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