June 30,2005 STILL HERE!

Well its Thursday again, until Bill talked to his sister Debbie yesterday, we thought it was Friday. Now we have to relive another Thursday, thanks a lot Deb! (kidding) Yes, itís that boring. I donít think it would bother us but itís such a waist if time, time Gianna could be enjoying her new family.

We didnít do a whole lot today it was pretty hot and at this hotel there is not much to do outside. I think that tomorrow we might go to the zoo. Just to look and other caged animals, how fun.

We did manage to walk to a nearby small mall that took up some time. They had a small play area that Gianna liked. She was playing in a ball pit kind of thing; she really had a lot of fun. Itís funny because there was a little older boy in there too and he was playing a little ruff. Our first reaction (especially if it was Anthony) was to tell the little boy to be careful. Bill and I just and looked at each other and said I feel sorry for that little boy if he starts to bother Gianna. She is quite capable of fending for herself. He better count his fingers when he leaves!

We have succeeded in letting her know if someone is in her way, she just canít just push them away. I like that we have showed her when she gets hurt, momma & Poppa are there to kiss her boo-boos because she comes to us for every little thing. We really need to get working on her new language because lately she is just starting to grunt and use hand motions when she wants something so itís time to get to work. We forget that, all this time with us except for little words, she doesnít understand us, yet she loves and trustís us and is having the time of her life and thatís really phenomenal.
Tonight when I started running her bath she started laughing and galloping round itís still so exciting for her just to be able play in the bathtub. She still enjoys the very little pleasures in a little girls life but unfortunately when we first get home (just as the family gets to meet her) she is going to become way over stimulated and with everything at home, she will probably have some sort of a melt down.

Right now we have been careful to introduce different things to her as slowly as possible. We noticed that one day when we were taking her for a walk down a very loud and busy street crowded with a lot of people, she was very overwhelmed and became really distant to us. She made it through it and she now enjoys being pushed in the stroller.
The best part of the day came when Oleg, our Almaty coordinator unexpectedly came over with some papers to fill out for the entry visa, he feels that we should have it all by July 5th or 6th not any sooner, but hopefully, not any later. He said he would know more about her passport and visa tomorrow. When we left, we had picked a fictitious return date that was July 8th I never would have believed in my wildest dreams that we would still be here to use those tickets. I now know the Lord was looking over us because if we hadnít picked that date we would have had to wait until at least July10th or beyond for any open flights out of here. We were told in the states by Lufthansa before we left, that we should wait and buy Giannaís ticket here as it is cheaper. When we went today to confirm and ask about possible different departing flight days, they said they are overbooked. She is too old to sit on our lap and must have a seat. Bill had to have a strong discussion with their supervisor about this being their mistake. As of right now, she is only on standby for that date with no guarantees. I was promised that the Top supervisor is working on this and we should have more info tomorrow. I hope God doesnít put a limit on how many favors we have asked for in the past month!
Okay, we have been paying so much for our luxurious accommodations, we had to draw the ďlineĒ somewhere so, we figured it should be a ďclothes-lineĒ! At $7.00 to have a pair of jeans washed, $5.00 for a shirt and $3.00 for unmentionables, we did the next best thing. Yes, the Beverly Hillbillies have arrived in Kazakhstan!
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