June 29,2005 STILL HERE!!!

This morning at breakfast we met 3 private corporate pilots from Cincinnati. They congratulated us on adopting Gianna and Bill quickly asked if they would be able to smuggle Gianna and us out of the country. They said they surely feel our pain but couldn’t be of any help. One of the other adoptive families has left but I think I spotted a new one checking in.
Our paper work should be at the correct office by now, we were told about 4 business days for them to issue her Kazakhstan passport and then the US Embassy will issue her an American one. I guess we can’t complain, I think in the U. S., the fastest you can get one is about 6 weeks.

I am trying to figure out Gianna’s developmental stage (I left all my books on it at home). In some ways she is more advanced due to being raised in an orphanage. She feeds herself very well, not dropping a morsel, she dresses herself and has been potty trained since about one and a half years old. As far as protecting herself, she could probably wrestle down a 4-year-old boy in seconds flat. On the other hand, she has a lot of catching up to do; she probably is about 6 months behind in maturity. So she is closer now to a 2 year old, instead of 2 years and 9 months old. The language is going to be another catch up for her. She speaks mostly Russian but the other day at lunch (she catches all the Kazakh workers attention) the waitress was speaking Kazakh to her and she was answering her we really didn’t think she knew much Kazakh. It’s a little uncomfortable when total strangers talk to your child and we have no idea what there talking about. I always think they are saying “are your parents good to you” and who knows what her answer is!
We went shopping at the “green market” after breakfast. This is sort of a larger, “flea market” style we were used to in Arkalyk. Gianna had to go potty, which costs 10 Tenge (about 1.3 cents), after Marie looked inside, we got our 10 Tenge back and put a diaper on her. Enough said!
Our partial balcony view
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Chingis Alan Reed was adopted on Dec 01, 2004 and is now going by Jess or Cheena by family members. He grew THREE inches in first four months that we were home!! He LOVES to be outside and we all take turns spending time with him in the yard. He has a swing and slide set that he plays on a lot. He goes to preschool on Tuesday and Thursdays and he is always happy to go and play with his friends. We feel we have been truly blessed by having him join our family and we can't imagine life without him now.
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