June 28, 2005 Day after something or other

Playing the waiting game. We heard from Vinola (our American agency) tonight, apparently, the documents will be in the Astana visa office on Thursday as we hoped but, we will still be looking at the end of next week before everything is finalized and we can possibly fly out of here on the 8th, 9th, or 10th. Who knows. We are just tired of being here. Everything that could be done to speed this up has been done, it is up to the Kazakhstan government. (We all know how governments work), they are no different. So we wait and wait and wait. We will make sure the medical exam and everything on our end is completed in the mean time so when the passport is issued we can go directly to the embassy and finalize it all. We don’t even know if there will be available seats on the plane if we had to change our existing reservations that we have for July 8, but we will face that when the time comes.
Today we took a cab to the “Ramstore” this is a medium sized mall (about 40-50 stores) But, a word to the wise, bring plenty of cash! I can’t believe the prices there. Yes, they are upper end stores like Pierre Cardin etc. Marie was just looking for some sort of sundress but refused to pay $100.00+ for one. (That’s my girl!) They do have a grocery store there that seem to be reasonably priced so we stocked up on Pepsi Light and some snacks). There was a small indoor ice skating rink in the middle and a small booth with about 30 chairs that was “tent-like” hat appeared to be showing a movie. We did stop at a familiar store Baskin-Robbins for an Italian Ice. I can’t wait to get back and go to Mario’s on Taylor Street at least one time for the best Italian ice in the city. (Yes, cousin Jeannie, Gianna is Italian!)
Okay, slowly Gianna is becoming "Americanized" today she saw her first " kid's show, "The Telle Tubbies!" She sat there and stared, laughed and generally looked happy.
After dinner, we went to the small amusement park across the street. They have maybe 5-7 rides for Gianna’s age. She didn’t quite know what to think of this at first. The first ride was the “machinkas” (cars) she sat there just looking around as it started. It took about three different rides before she started getting into them. Then came the play slides. While all the kids around her were running and playing on them, she had no idea what these were, it was a little sad. This didn’t last long. The shoes were off and “little miss dare-devil, as she knows no fear of danger) took off running. By the time we left, she was a normal little girl, tired and happy. We can’t wait until Anthony and Gianna could enjoy these things together. (Anthony, it may look like we were having fun, but it certainly was not the same without you there, all we could think of was how much fun you would have had with us)
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