June 27th 2005 Day something or other.

Yes, we are loosing it, we want to come home so badly…please Kazakhstan, get Gianna’s passport ready for us. At least we are living more comfortable, though we feel like Tom Hanks in the movie “The Terminal”. If we stay for more than 5 days in the same region (and we will) we have to re-register our passports with the government again! It's getting harder to deal with as we now have high speed internet access (don't ask how much $ daily) but, now we are able to use the computer to actually vocally speak with the kids at home and send videos. It's very hard to hear everyone's voice, especially Anthony's, as he tells me he hit a home run at baseball today. If we are lucky we will make it to at least one of his games before the season is over.

Though the computer does distort voices somewhat, he sounds so different to me. I just want to go home. We are so homesick. It brings back memories i felt the first year at boy scout "summer camp" that we went to for two weeks. Some feelings are better left buried. I think this is starting to take a toll on Anthony too. He jokes around, but I know him, he really misses us both very much. This was so much to ask a 4 year old boy to take on. He is a trooper and we will more than make up for this when we get home, I don't think I will put him down for a week! We keep telling ourselves it is all worth it, not only changing Gianna's life for the better, but Anthony will now have a sibling who is close to his age for the rest of his life.

Today we took a long walk to do some shopping. We needed to buy a stroller for Gianna. She loves being pushed around in it. We went shopping at a grocery store for snacks. We forgot that there is so much Gianna has not experienced yet. When we first tried getting her to sit in the shopping cart, we didn’t even realize that she had never sat in a basket before. Now that she is on the outside we forget sometimes that every little thing is new for her. When we went to check out in line again, not thinking, I turned for a second and she had shoveled all the gum and candy from the shelf into her lap. One of the up sides is that she had no clue they were items to eat. It’s amazing that babies born into a normal family situation acclimate themselves to every day life so gradually. Speaking of other newly adoptive problems, there is swimming…. She just loves being in the pool, but we can’t keep her from just drinking as much pool water as she could suck up. I guess in time, all will work out. Luckily it is bromine filtered and not chlorine as this is much milder.

That’s it for today I just sent Bill down for my complementary free drink in this very over priced hotel.
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