“Be careful. Do not think these little children are worth nothing. I tell you that they have angels in heaven who are always with my Father in heaven” Matthew 18:10
June 24, 2005 Day 15 of 15 mandatory days!!!!!!!!!!

Our last good-byes…Today we say goodbye to all of our little angels at the baby house. I know it will be sad, as we want to take them all with us. If I gain anything out of this experience at all, I hope the next opportunity I can do something, anything, even the smallest act that will somehow change a child’s life, that I remember these children here and the life that was chosen for them. I can’t help but want to help them all. I want at this very moment, to be home hugging the life out of my own children.

We went to the baby house, we decided that taking Gianna wouldn’t hurt her and it didn’t. As soon as she walked in she was greeted by a caregiver at the door that gave her a hug. We went upstairs to her old room. She eagerly pushed open the door and walk in. All the kids started yelling Aidana, Aidana! Some of the kids ran to her and started to hug her it was so sweet. We passed out bananas, She preferred to eat hers on my lap and not at her old table. She mingled with the kids some more and showed off singing her version of “twinkle twinkle little star” Katya, Gene and Lisa’s daughter, was there and she seemed to have a peace about her. She told a caregiver “my momma and poppa are coming soon” I really think she understands that her parents are coming back. After their juice, all of the kids had to sit on their little pots. As they all lined up Gianna started dancing in front of them. We were really surprised and very happy for her that she feels safe and secure enough to have some fun
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After a last minute rush to complete some final paperwork which had to make the 8’oclock train, we went to Zanna’s (Habiba’s sister and our train guide) house for cake and yes, wine. Thank God Habiba dropped the bottle of Vodka she bought as we were walking in. I don’t think either of us could handle another couple of Vodka toasts! We are eagerly waiting to pack in the morning as this will make the day go by faster. Wow, the end is near!!!
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