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June 23, 2005 day 14 of 15 mandatory days.

Okay, Habibaís husband Aidar, has gone out of town on business, you know what that means? I am back to driving! I love it. Yes we must duck around streets sometimes to avoid being noticed, as he would just be asked a lot of questions about a different man driving his car. Being a police major, he is quite known around her and its best to keep a low profile. I am so grateful that he trusts me with his car (a prized possession with any man)

We were off this morning making the rounds with Habiba; Gianna stayed home with Babushka (mother in law). First off to the record office for her new original birth certificate, back to the notary (everything here is notarized) then off to get the visa papers started. It appears the paperwork here is almost done. There are almost as many papers as getting a mortgage, but these are signed without exactly knowing what the heck we are signing! It is strange to see her birth certificate with our names listed as the only parents she will ever know. (I think they are our names! Itís all Russian to me!)
Habiba had to stop at the baby house, the yard was empty but we knew they should be coming out at any minute. The first of the kids appeared as we waited in the car for as long as we could hold out. They started for the yard. We were spotted within seconds! We heard 18 little voices calling ďAidana, AidanaĒ it was very touching. We made it to the fence and they all came to us as if we had never left. Marie quickly got in a few hugs and kissesÖ you have never experienced a hug and kiss as sincere as these guys give. We are really going to miss every one of them. We have fallen in love with this bunch and canít believe tomorrow will be the last time we will ever see them again. Itís going to brake our hearts!
We saw Katya, Lisa and Geneís daughter. She had a smile on her face from ear to ear! I think she will be just fine until they return. Iím gonna give her an extra special, long hug for them tomorrow. She is just a great kid and will have very loving parents. And from what have heard a great extended family also.
This afternoon we are off again, more papers, notaries and the market for fruit as we are going back to the baby house tomorrow! We have permission to say goodbye to the kids and bring them a treat. I want to take many pictures as Marie has friends that are coming back for seconds and just love to have any pictures that they could get. When back home I think, even on a bad day to look back at these faces will be a gift.
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