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June 22,2005 Day 13 of 15 day mandatory stay

Today we will see Lisa and Gene off. They are at the orphanage right now saying their good-bye’s to Katya. It’s not going to be easy for Katya, she loves having them there each day and it will be equally hard on Lisa and Gene. They will be spending their 15 day mandatory waiting period and visa application time at home. We had that option too, but after bonding with Gianna and feeling that she trusted in us to care for her we decided couldn’t leave. This system is so screwed up. If you want to help these kids, we learned very soon to put up and shut up! Yes, even for big mouths like Bill and I though, we have had our moments. The joke around here is Habiba’s favorite phrase “ Bill shut up” or another one is “Bill for example, SHUT UP!” it comes across much funnier in Russian broken English. So we all do what it takes to get out.
Gianna’s is playing in the tub right now it’s the little things she enjoys, just pouring water from a container to another container. She, for the first time noticed her fingers were wrinkled. There are so many firsts we love experiencing them because at the orphanage they kind of just shower them down and there is no fun time associated with baths.

We miss all the little guys from the baby house we want to try and visit them on Friday and check in on Katya. We don’t’ think Gianna should go back though, it might confuse her. We’re going to think about it because on the other hand she might enjoy seeing all her brothers and sisters again.
Lisa and Gene are off to the train. I said to them that we have become good friends and asked, would they please just bring one piece of luggage home for us! I love acting goofy! Although, Gene has truly flipped! Earlier, for his “final act of rebellion” and mental separation from this place, he took his pajamas and socks to the front yard and burned them! The smile on his face said it all!
Have a safe trip, our friends
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