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June 21, 2005 Day 12 of 15 day mandatory stay

Gianna typically wakes up about 7:30 a.m. One special added feature we discovered was the nightly grinding of her teeth. This is something to hear. Bill has many nicknames for Anthony; he has already come up with a few for Gianna like, “grinder and “masher” I’m sure there will be dozens more. We are served breakfast as soon as Maria hears Gianna running around above.

As always we play outside and feed the ducks. We are down a duck that was lost to Mickey Mouse as they say (A rat). The days are dragging on, we play, we eat, and we go pee-seat (potty) or Cacala (poo poo) all day, every day. Good thing for some reason, the director of the orphanage took a liking to us and gave us her old Soviet metal potty pot as a gift. Gianna loves it. As this is all she has known.
Because we registered with the US Embassy with our Itinerary before we left, today we received an invitation for a BBQ that the Marines are throwing on July 2, at the embassy in Almaty. I can hardly believe it, real food and many Americans! I wonder if the Marines will have any rifles with them that they will let me pose with, Anthony will flip out! The menu as stated…All-American food including Cheeseburgers! Souvenirs and shopping. Due to the fact the US Embassy is closed on the 4th of July it could make our stay just a bit longer. I hope not, but at this point, I stopped counting.
We are proud to be the first to announce to America, the arrival of their new, 40lb. bouncing baby girl. Katya Marian Renee’! The happy parents are doing quite well. This was not without it's typical stress points and uncertainty. Due to the language barrier, time and shuffling around, last minute document changes etc. this becomes quite stressful. This all worked out well, they are starting their countdown of the notorious 15 days tomorrow. They are leaving on the infamous Kazakh train for their 13 hour ride to Astana, then later in the afternoon (Thursday) they board the plane for Almaty, then off to Amsterdam and then into Atlanta late Friday evening! Good for them. We will miss them very much, they were our sanity here and our only link to America. We will miss our breakfast, lunch and dinner partners. We have come to feel like sort of a “team” with one common mission in mind, get these kids out of here. We certainly have developed a life-long friendship and shall meet again.
Okay, today was another “Gotcha’Day” this time for Lisa and Gene.
Based on the friendship of these little girl's moms, they and Katya will be
lifelong friends in America!
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