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June 20, 2005 Day 11 of 15 mandatory days

I want to take this opportunity to thank one of the most dearest persons in our lives. Our daughter Christina, a.k.a. Tina. She alone has made this a possibility for us. From the very beginning she was completely supportive. There were many nights she would be up with me talking about our plans. With her education in early childhood development, she was a big help with ideas to overcome any delays Gianna might have.

When she asked at the day care where she worked if she could take off a month, they said no, so she had to give up her job. She has been the one taking care of Anthony for us with Grandma watching over her. It has been a tremendous sacrifice for someone at age 22 to stay home all-day and evening with her little brother for over a month! (As you may have heard Bill and I are somewhat over-protective and wonít even allow anyone to drive Anthony around so she literally is stuck in the house). We both want to thank youÖwe love you so much.
Okay, today we shopped! Well letís just say we went to the local market, itís as good as it gets here. At least we got out for a while, it breaks up the day. Gianna stayed with Habibaís mother in law. We donít want to be seen in public with her this close to the end of the 15 days. We hear the big store in Almaty (Ramstore?) is like a K-Mart we canít wait!
Danny, just thought you would like to see what happens when people don't follow the association's rules!
We want to thank everyone at home that has been helping out. Jeff, Tinaís boyfriend, who works for Bill, also has had to be unemployed as well. He also has been helping out around our house. My son Danny and his wife, Dianna, whom we love as our own, have been stopping by and checking in on a regular basis. Not to forget poor Nick, who, to keep Grandmaís sanity, has been made to come home very early each night, sorry Trish (girlfriend) During these past weeks we were getting worried, we havenít heard much from Grandma (could it be she is not handling us being away so long) or have the kids locked her up in the basement? We asked for proof that she was OK!
We would also like to thank Rachael, Billís daughter for all her emails that keep us going! We would like to thank all of Billís family for checking in on our children and who have been so supportive of us and have been praying hard for everything from our health, to our new daughter and for our safe and speedy return.

We would like to thank all of you that have been following our web site, (almost 3,000 hits!) knowing this, has made working on it so meaningful and important to us.
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