June 19, 2005 Day 11 of 15 Day mandatory stay

Father’s Day, just not the same as if I were home getting ready to grill for one of our typical BBQ's! (Yes, including the baked beans!) I miss my children. I am happy to have one of them here with me but I have to remember it is all for the best, I have a new daughter, we have a new baby sister for the kids and our stay finally has a light at the end of the tunnel. I guess I will just grin and bear it for now but it is getting harder each day. I have missed two very important days which, I will never get back, My son’s 4th birthday and today, Father’s Day. Sometimes, if I allow myself to really thing about it, I could just cry.

Harry, Michael, Mike Ball, Bob, Uncle Don, Marek and yes, Danny (I guess the puppy dog counts for now) Happy Fathers Day. (Wow, what a bunch we make, huh!)
Now, just to clear up any confusion we may have caused about our departure dates… when I say “Day … of 15 Day Mandatory Stay” This is the court ordered 15 day waiting period before the final papers are issued. After the 15th day, (Friday June 24, 2005) we will make plans to travel by train (oh fun, remember this is the 13 hour ride, if it is 90 degrees out, we are in for a ride.) to Astana, either Saturday or Sunday. We are taking along our bestest escort Zanna, where she will hand us over to our Astana coordinator who will get us to the airport for our Almaty flight that same day. Once in Almaty, we wait for her passport and exit visa which, we hope will be processed on Thursday June 30, 2005 (keep your fingers crossed this works how we hope it will, remember this is Kazakhstan!)

Once we have her passport and visa, we head to the U.S. Embassy to schedule a mandatory doctor (entry to America) exam for Gianna. We should be at the embassy for 1+/- days barring any problems with paperwork. From there, we are off to the airport. We fly to Frankfort, Germany then, about 5-6 hours later, we board our final flight to our home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am figuring that we could be actually HOME the 5th of July the earliest, the 8th the latest. Nothing is set in stone and I won’t believe anything until I hear “ladies and gentleman, we have just entered U.S. airspace!) We will keep you advised as plans develop.
Marie noted that with her having parents over 40, Gianna brought out a book from the bedroom to look at. She immediately went back in and came out with her glasses (sun glasses) she proceeded to wipe them on her shirt and as if this was the only way to read something, put them on. (Little miss smarty pants, did she just “diss” us?)
She prefers to wear her hair ties around her legs, she'll catch on soon!
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Pictures courtesy of Lisa and Gene
Marie walked into the bedroom after Gianna and she saw that she had lined up several dolls of hers on the bed and was pretending to give them something to drink. Most kids see one mother with one child, she was brought up seeing several kids being taken care of by one “mother” (caregiver) Just some of the little differences from growing up in an orphanage versus a typical home environment.
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