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June 18, 2005 Day 10 of 15 mandatory days

Today we remember what would have been Marieís oldest sonís Michael Anthonyís 28th birthday. Michael returned to the Lord on January 10, 1998. We want to share this memory with you. He will always live in our hearts, lives and souls. We believe he is watching over us right now and enjoying his new sister. We miss you Michael, remain in peace with God until we meet again.

Today is also Lisaís birthday, we were so happy to share this day with this sweet person as we have all grown quite close and all gotten a little crazier! Marie is so happy that from now on, this day will also include thinking of Lisa and Gene!
As for Gianna, we don't know if she is becoming a "bag lady" or just likes all her belongings close by! In a little while were are gonna decorate the "flat" for Lisa's suprise party we have 5 balloons and a streamer! We may even use some toiler paper but this is a hot commodity around here and we don't want to upset anyone.
Somebody got a pedicure
today and it wasn't poppa
This afternoon we all had to go to the Notary and sign some power of attorney documents of which we really had no idea what exactly they said, but we did see our home address on them! We left Gianna with Habibaís mother in-law and while there, Marie told me that it just hit her as she just then realized that she had become every bit as paranoid with Giannaís well being while she is out of her sight as she is with Anthony. There really is no difference between the love she now has for Gianna than she does for all her children. When we finished with the notary, we left before Lisa and Gene so we could run back and decorate the house.

Aidar came back and started the fire for the barbecue. He makes the best chicken and pork we have ever had! During dinner it is tradition to make many toasts. Gianna has hit an all time record for staying up late we will see how it is in the morning! We couldnít help but think as we watched her singing, dancing, blowing out candles and just enjoying everyday, normal family activities. If everything didnít come together as it did, having a terrific daughter, (Tina) and a family who could watch Anthony, this little girl would still be sleeping in the baby house tonight. It truly was Godís hand that brought this all together.
Guess she just can't party like her big brother yet, He will have to work on this with her...
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