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June 17, 2005 Day 8 of 15 day mandatory stay

Today was just much like yesterday, just bonding with Gianna and counting the days until we start our journey home. Gianna seems so well adjusted to her new life, little does she know how much it will still change before she has any real stability. This transition at Habiba’s really seems to help though. She is learning to eat at the table with adults, to not worry about getting enough food as she has slowed down on eating too much, how to interact for long periods of time with older people and general household living. She is learning that we are there for her in the morning when she gets up and when she goes to bed. When she is scared or unsure, she runs to one of us. This is the biggest sign I have seen of her acceptance of us.

She went for her passport picture today with Habiba. They stopped at Habiba’s sister’s house and she said she was very good there. (I wish we were there to see it) it is better during these 15 days for us to keep a low profile around town because the birth mother could petition to reclaim her during this time period. We figure a small town and the mother lives close and has relatives so, if we were seen with Gianna, it could get back to her. We do not want to take any chances. On day 16, this becomes another story! I swear on the last day before we leave, I am gonna put on an American tee shirt and “strut” up and down main street singing “America the Beautiful”. Okay, maybe not, but I sure will be thinking it!

Any ways, back to the passport picture today. Gianna came home and was upstairs in our room as I walked in; I turned to go to the little boy’s room before heading out in front with her for some fresh air. She began crying her eyes out. Habiba told me she was mad that I left her there. We then went out side to swing on the new swing that appeared there today. Yes, she fell off it once but was not hurt. She is a tuffy! Well, chalk up another day gone…
Okay Poppa, a little privacy please..
Gene & Lisa doing their own bonding at the baby house
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