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June 16,2005 Day 7 of 15 mandatory days

Well these days are becoming pretty mundane for us but I think Gianna is having the time of her life. Her eating habits have started to slow down, she actually takes a breath between bites and is eating more normal serving sizes. Her thirst has subsided a bit but she hardly ever puts down her sippy cup. I think thatís because she has begun to really trust us that we will always be there to care for her needs. Of course Bill is dreaming of the day he and her will be at McDonalds in the Frankfort airport!
I am trying to get as much on tape of her speaking Russian as possible because I think once she gets home without hearing it, she probably wont speak of word of it again (and it sounds so cute). In fact, she may not even speak much of anything at all for a couple of weeks due to the total confusion. Maybe Aunt Bogie could coax a little Russian out of her. She still repeats a lot in English but not voluntarily. Today for example, we were coloring so I picked a red crayon and asked her to say red. She did then said something in Russian. I then I picked up a yellow one, she repeated yellow then said something in Russian. This went on and on until Habiba came in and told me that what she was saying, in Russian each time was ďI donít want to say your words anymore,Ē she has quite a mind of her own.

A couple of things I will never complain about again: lugging clothes from the second floor to the first floor laundry room instead of doing them in the tub. Having to have emissions tests done on my car instead of breathing in all the car fumes just to name two for today!

Paka Paka
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