June 15,2005 day 6 of whatever! (We have lost track)

Kazakhstan …the second honeymoon capital of the world. Where else can you get away with your husband for 30-40 days, no TV, no pager and no cell phone. By the end of the day he is so starved for the English language he actually talks to you, what a deal. Caryn this will freak you out, we are reading the same book and have discussions on it later in the evening. (Get me out of here!)
Surprisingly enough we haven’t lost our minds yet. I have to admit it has been so much easier since Gianna has been with us. She gives me plenty to do all day. She is doing great. She keeps babbling all day long and has no problem with repeating English words. She has been able to point out people in our photo book and can randomly point out Anthony (easy the whole book is full of him) grandma’s Tina, Nick, Rachael, Danny and Katie her favorite pictures are poppa. She will run to him to show him the poppa pictures. The one picture she is not happy with is Kelsey so far she is very afraid of dogs actually all animals, though today Bill got her to play a little bit with the kitten here (Marfhra) the bigger cat is named Ricky Martin.
"Marfra" the kitten
Bill went shopping today with Gene, Lisa and Habiba and came home with 4 tiny baby ducks. She was afraid at first but then went right in the box and grabbed one out by the neck. So now Bill has a new job to care for the ducklings everyday. He hopes we are gone before they become dinner. We can’t leave too soon one of the goats is ready to have kids it will be something for Gianna to see or maybe not!
Hey, this picture makes me look like my hairline is receeding?
Our friends and roommates Lisa & Gene are rolling along with their bonding period; all is going well with Katya. She is a very lucky girl; their court date will be next week. Lisa’s birthday is June 18th a day close to our hearts also. So we are planning a surprise birthday party for her as best as we can here the guest list will be…. Short, just the “flowers in the attic”, as we refer to ourselves and our extended family here. We will try to have Habiba surprise them by "busting out" Katya from the baby house for the day. They are such sweet people and she can use a little pampering. (Quiet you Georgia people; remember it’s a surprise!)

Paka Paka
There's that optical Illusion again of the receeding hairline. Marie says the camera not only adds 10 pounds it also can take off 100,000 hairs!
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