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Copyright Our Kazakh Angel 2005
June 14, 2005 Day 5 of 15 day stay…

Her first morning waking up in a new place. She got up about 7:30, I saw her sucking her thumb, just laying there for about 20 minutes. I went over to get her so she doesn’t think she can just get out of bed by herself. I put her between us in our bed and she just cuddled with Marie. I’ll tell you ,the caregivers, though strict, have got to be given credit. When she goes potty, she sits until she is removed, when it’s time for bed, she stays there and just falls asleep eventually. They have trained them well.

Just before breakfast, Marie gave her an apple (or what I thought was an apple, it was gone so fast!) By now, she has eating more fruits and veggies than Anthony has in his whole life! She goes through water as if it were the last she will ever get. I think the caregivers limit their water intake so it is not constant trips to the potty. In one 24 hour period, Gianna has gone through at least a gallon of water, 6 pairs of undies, a couple of pull-ups, 3 pair of shorts and a wet spot on Habiba’s couch, the floor and MY PILLOW (shhh, don’t tell Habiba!) Marie is in her glory seeing a child of hers eating and enjoying fruit as Gianna does. I know she can’t wait to find the biggest hunk of Broccoli she can and put it in front of her!
We ate, played and said goodbye to Gene and Lisa as they were headed off to the baby house. It is a different world when you can take care of your child and just not visit them.

For the many who have asked for her clothing size… we figure she is a “short” 3T if there is such a size. 4T seems too big and 3T may be a little tight in the mid section (like poppa) So we really have no idea. Wait till Marie’s diet and exercise regiment kicks in, she could change daily! (Marie’s wishful thinking)

In general, we sometimes forget that we have our own “mommies” worrying about their babies. STOP WORRYING! Before we left, we registered with the state department her in the Kazakhstan and gave them our full Itinerary and how to contact us in case of emergencies. We can receive emails if there is anything we should know about. We got one before we left about Uzbekistan, which is the country far to the South and how Americans should be cautious when traveling there. We knew this before we left and this is no where near us but it is nice to know someone is looking out for us. And yes, mother, I also know your are wondering… my sugar levels have never been better! We both feel real good. Marie is enjoying the hot but, DRY heat.

Gianna ate a good lunch …no surprise there. I am still trying to catch her up on her hydration so plenty of water. One time I grabbed the Kazakh cream soda instead of water and noticed, there was quite a new enjoyable look to her face. She loves having us around full time. She will be playing in another room and have to run to one of us for a hug and kiss or a quick sit on one of our laps then she’s down for more adventure. Habiba’s daughter, Alia who is 5 years old keeps her busy for us. She has a habit of carrying around all of her belongings at once. It becomes hard to play but she insist on having everything right there, this comes from in the past other children taking her stuff. I don’t know what she is gonna do with all the stuff she will have at home, probably carry a suitcase around. (We will work it out).

Habiba had mentioned today that Gianna’s is speaking (Russian) twice as much as she ever did at the orphanage. It seems her speech delay needed just a little one o one attention. We are working on her English and she repeats about 10 words already. I actually was feeling bad she will loose her Russian baby talk, Russian is so cute. As I am typing I was feeling sad we want her SPA-se-BA (thank you) or all of the other words. When just behind me, while Bill and her where playing she kept grabbing for the computer keys. I was nicely telling her Nyet and she was babbling away when Habiba yells to us from the other room that she is calling us sort of “dummies” in Russian so maybe it’s better she just sticks to English!

Paka Paka
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