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Copyright Our Kazakh Angel 2005
June 12,2005 Day 3 of 15 mandatory days

I wanted to try and capture that little face running to us as she first sees us. I am really gonna miss that the most when we get home. You just don’t see that kind of stuff in a daily routine.

I am so amazed how far she has come in so little time. There were times that we wondered if her extreme shyness was her personality since the beginning we never saw her interact as we do now. I can't explain how awesome it's been learning a lttle more about her everyday. I am so glad we found the little girl inside of her that she was always ment to be. If things hadn't changed, I pictured all of us having to sing happy birthday to her while she hid in the other room. I totally agree with the 14-day bonding period, it’s been crucial for her to be in her "safety zone" while bonding. I just don’t agree with the useless15 day waiting period. I have learned that all of their court decisions on any matter that comes along with this15 day waiting period.

On the question that we have seen raised on the guest book, if playing and being in so much contact with the other children, is going to hurt them when we leave? I really don’t think so. I feel that if this is the only way they get some extra love and affection into their lives it has got to be better then not feeling it. There is, on a somewhat regular basis, an adoptive family here. Come the end of June, two more families are expected to be here and will hopefully pick up were we left of. It may not be the best way, but these guys need all they could get. I think we will be so much more affected by this closeness that we have formed with them then they will be. Every time we are with them we think about coming back for a second one. The answer now is no way! I couldn’t leave home for this long ever again (but just like labor pains, you do forget).
For everyone who sees this darling little angel on the site everyday… DON’T BE FOOLED! Let me just tell you what she did to her poppa today. She came up to Bill as he was putting a marking pen in his pocket and of course, wanted it. When Bill didn’t give it to her she deliberately went up to him and pinched his arm. No hard, but she wanted to show her objections. When Bill said “Nyet” “No” she then proceeded to slap her hands on his. You think this would have been enough, but no, she then sat down and started throwing sand at his pants legs. She did this oh, about 5 times before I picked her up and removed her from the scene. Okay, we have some work to do with her once we get home! So for all of you expecting this little angel to run up to you with hugs and kisses the first time she sees you… good luck!
Guess I showed them who's BOSS! Hey, how's my hair?
Tomorrow Gianna is planning a small “getting out” party for her friends. We will have a cake for the caregivers and then go to Habiba’s house for a traditional Kazakh luncheon with the director Albena and the social worker Rose. Them the fun will begin…11 days with our new baby, could be a little bit of heaven or little bit of hell… stay tuned! For you guys soon to be come over here I will be taping it.

We are hoping that Lisa and Gene’s Katia can come here to the party too. For the remainder of their visiting with Katia, they shall go to the baby house alone. We will miss going with them…NOT. We will be happy to be at home with Gianna. Paka paka
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