June 11,2005 Day 2 of our mandatory stay

The Revenge of the Baby House

Today the children of the baby house had their revenge on the local children. The neighborhood children who live just next door in a condo type building have a little playground that adjoins the orphanage fence. The past couple of days the neighborhood kids seem to have been showing off. Kicking a soccer ball over the fence then having to come in to get it. You could just see they were showing off and just aggravating the kids. We get the feeling that the baby house children are looked down upon and may also know that the other children have it better than they do.

We had some time to do a little shopping so Bill bought all the kids sand pales and shovels. After passing them out to the kids, we noticed the “outsiders” sitting by the fence. “Our group” started making their way to the fence and then we noticed they were sticking the shovels and such through the fence and just as the kids went to grab them, the abruptly pulled them away. We heard some giggles and they seemed to enjoy feeling like they wanted something that they had, instead of the other way around. Strike one up for the underdog.
We watched them for the rest of the day just playing, each with their new toys. I thought that they would be careful to guard what they had but I saw almost everyone of them give their toy to each other when asked and never a selfish act that entire afternoon. If they didn’t want a shovel, rake or bucket, they would hand it to the caregiver and she would offer them something else. She was sort of the “supplier” of assorted items for the kids that day. There is one little boy named “tima” who has a mild case of Cerebral Palsy but gets around just fine. He sits in a smaller “playpen” when they are outside. The kids all seem to take special care with him, coming by him, making sure he has plenty of toys and making him laugh. We did not notice that Gianna walked up and dumped some sand into his play pen for him! The caregiver didn’t seem all that happy about it. Paka paka
" Tima"
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