We have received word that a special little character from 8,000 miles away from us wants to announce the arrival of HIS new baby sister, Gianna Grace Marie. A sister though already loved by him, has yet to be formally introduced to, hugged or kissed by him. While we spoke with him last night I asked that he needed to start cleaning up the toys, especially the small ones as she likes to put things in her mouth. Anthony replied “you mean the Legos dad?” I said yes. He then replied, “just don’t let her go in the play room!” We then said, you know she is gonna follow you everywhere, he replied “I got an idea dad, I’ll just shut the door behind me!” We know that he is just as excited to meet her as we were. He knows he is the new big brother and he can’t wait to teach her things and watch out for her. I am counting the days their eyes meet for the first time.
And Now a word from Home...
Marie's let Lisa in on her little "stash"
We went for our morning visit. Things are going great. She has totally accepted us and now cries when she has to be returned to her group. We were told a story about something that happened two nights ago, apparently Gianna’s group (19 in all) got a new overnight caregiver. They did not seem to approve of her, the doctor said that they were up until 11 p.m. (bedtime is usually 8 p.m.) yelling and playing, they all threw their mattresses to the floor and slept on the bare bed frames! The caregiver initially said that she would not return the next evening but soon changed her mind. That group of children are such rebels if they only knew it they could change the world!
Friday June 10, 2005 Day 16/Day 1 of the Mandatory 15 day waiting period.

A while back we decided to stay for the duration and come home together especially after all the progress we made in bonding with Gianna. It would have been detrimental to Gianna to leave, she would have felt abandoned and hurt. Though these kids are awesome, they can get a little rough with each other. Everyday we find see new bumps and bruises on all of them. Come Monday, we will feel much better as we will be able to bring Gianna to Habiba’s home with us, kind of a half way house to the real world. The sooner we get her with us 24/7, the better. The hardest part of our decision is missing our home, our children, church, the ability to come and go as we please, drinkable tap water, hot water, air conditioning, tv, stereo, diet pop, brewed coffee, paved streets, phones (Caryn) shopping malls, automatic transmissions in cars, fast food, buffets, 7-11’s English speaking people, just to name a few. Seriously, it is eating us alive to be away for this long.
Marie and Gianna went into the newborn’s room, which is an everyday occurrence here. (Marie actually thinks they are calling for her) Gianna has always wanted to touch the baby’s bottles. She has been plotting for days on a way to get one of those for herself. Today, Marie got a chance to feed the baby her bottle, when she finished, there was a little left so she motioned for Gianna to try it. She took a big gulp and made such a sour face you swore she had just bitten into a lemon. Now she just sticks to trying the baby’s pacifiers.
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