The Court Date is Set!!! Thursday, June 9, 2005
June 6, 2005 Day12

We received our court date for Thursday, June 9th. This also happens to be my sister Nancy’s birthday! Because of a new law in Kazakhstan, they are requiring the orphanage to send a letter of “petition” to all birth Mothers once again asking them to relinquish their rights. I guess it’s a good thing for us that there is no address of record for Aidana’s mother. They are however, making Habiba go to the maternity hospital to check there for any known address. She doesn’t think there should be any problem. So it’s on for June 9th. The day after court, June 10th, will be the first day Aidana (now known as Gianna) will walk (or is carried kicking and screaming) out of that place forever! Depending on the time of day court is over if the decision is made, the judge could wait until Friday to reach her decision. We are hoping she decides Thursday. We plan on picking her up on Friday and bringing a little celebration cake for the caregivers and hope to pass out some candy from Aidana to all her "brothers and sisters" to say goodbye. Aidana will take her first car ride and return to Habiba's house with us for our 15 day mandatory waiting period. This will be the first day of the rest of our lives. Oh my gosh, we have to get to the market and straighten up around here. Too many things she can get into.
Our visit was quite typical today. She is happy to see us but when she is taken from the other kids she throws a fit. Sometimes she sits down and slowly starts to “scoot” backwards. Bill would say she is just voicing her opinion. Nothing to worry about. So we brought her out to play with them and she is then so happy. She plays with the kids a little; she mostly wants to play with us. To her, it’s the best of both worlds. It’s funny to watch her get mad especially when Bill plays with another child. At least it makes us feel wanted.

The afternoon’s visit was about the same except she said 2 words in English! Her first word was “doggy” and get ready Mr bubbs, her second word was AN-THO-NY! No kidding. It’s wonderful having Lisa (the other American couple) out here because she is a special needs teacher and has given me a lot of ideas on helping with her speech delay.
I forget the statistics about orphans, it’s something like1 month delay for every 3-6 months of being institutionalized so regardless her Russian speech is delayed on top of that, she needs to learn a whole new language. I have researched and most professionals say, she be should caught up in 6 months. As far as motor skills and muscle tone delay we really don’t see any at all. In fact in her group are a bunch of monkeys, (meant nicely) they climb anything they can. When they play in the yard at any given time 2 or 3 are half way over the fence. Her group is so large there are 18 children from 2-4 years old. Those caregivers do a fantastic job. They have the children so disciplined (that will change) and so well organized (that will definitely change). I think of those families that have quads etc. And have round the clock help and these women do it all by themselves. In the tiny baby group it’s about 5-6 babies per caregiver and you hardly ever here a cry. During the day in that group, you can hear the women singing Kazakh and Russian songs to the babies.

Before I forget I want to thank everyone who donated diaper rash cream. The assistant director was so grateful for it. They had it all over the kids, on their faces and little butts even though they never use diapers. It’s the strangest thing they’d rather change their pants all day instead of using cloth diapers.
Paka! Paka!
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