June 4, 2005 Day 10

Another beautiful day in Arkalyk, the weather has been perfect. Warm in the day and cool at night. It’s funny I look up at the sky and I have to remind myself that I am actually half a world away. I am really in that little red dot on the map on our refrigerator at home. It’s unbelievable, it feels no different (other then cultural) then being in rural Wisconsin!
We went off to the baby house for our morning visit. Aidana was in her group room she came right to us. We went into the music room as always. First thing she looks for from us is her snack. She loves her cocoa puffs and I try to sneak her a vitamin. She played for a while and as usual no expression what so ever. We have now figured it out. She gets bored, we enjoy just looking at her play, but she’d rather be out with her friends. Being the weekend and no bigshots being around, we took her out were her group was playing. The caregivers don’t really mind, but the attention from us gets the other children a little wild.
The second visit we did the same and again she had a blast. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had. Being with these kids is a little of heaven on earth. I could never begin to describe it. In the beginning it would make me cry that I couldn’t take all of them home, I am kind of over that now. When we are with them we thank God for this experience it’s unbelievable. You expect the fact that they need love but I never expected the love they give you unconditional, and so innocent. You pick them up and they literally melt in your arms, they want to feel as close to your body as they possibly can. The look in their eyes as if they savor every minute. When you finally set them down, they are so satisfied they don’t mind giving the next one a turn. These children are such a blessing to the world. We would do what ever it took to encourage anyone to come to Arkalyk for an adoption.
It was awesome, she really comes out of her shell she laughs a lot runs, and especially enjoys giving us hugs and kisses. We don’t mind the little jealousy she shows when other kids are around us. Bill brought bubbles and they went crazy for them… needless to say, Bill is the top attraction especially because they know they could always find fruit snacks on him.
Diiaaaannnnaaaa… This is your father-in law, I was reviewing the messages, WHAT DID YOU MEAN “Gianna would be an aunt SOON????” Kidding right?
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Copyright Our Kazakh Angel 2005
Copyright Our Kazakh Angel 2005